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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2012AIN content influence on the properties of Al x Ga1- x N doped with Pr ionsFialho, M.; Magalhães, Sérgio; Alves, L.C.; Marques, C.; Maalej, R.; Monteiro, Teresa; Lorenz, K.; Alves, E.articlerestrictedAccess
5-May-2021Dual transduction of H2O2 detection using ZnO/laser-induced graphene compositesZanoni, Julia; Moura, Jorge P.; Santos, Nuno F.; Carvalho, Alexandre F.; Fernandes, António J. S.; Monteiro, Teresa; Costa, Florinda M.; Pereira, Sónia O.; Rodrigues, JoanaarticleopenAccess
2010Effect of annealing on AlN/GaN quantum dot heterostructures: Advanced ion beam characterization and X-ray study of low-dimensional structuresMagalhães, Sérgio; Lorenz, K.; Franco, N.; Barradas, N.P.; Alves, E.; Monteiro, Teresa; Amstatt, B.; Fellmann, V.; Daudin, B.articlerestrictedAccess
2011Effect of Eu-implantation and annealing on the GaN quantum dots excitonic recombinationPeres, Marco; Magalhães, Sérgio; Fellmann, Vincent; Daudin, Bruno; Neves, Armando José; Alves, Eduardo; Lorenz, Katharina; Monteiro, TeresaarticleopenAccess
2010Erbium-doped nanocrystalline silicon thin films produced by RF sputtering - Annealing effect on the Er emissionCerqueira, M.F.; Monteiro, Teresa; Soares, Manuel; Kozanecki, A.; Alpuim, P.; Alves, E.articlerestrictedAccess
2010High temperature annealing of Europium implanted AlNLorenz, K.; Magalhães, Sérgio; Alves, E.; Peres, Marco; Monteiro, Teresa; Neves, Armando; Boćkowski, M.articlerestrictedAccess
1-Jun-2022Impact of atomic layer deposited TiO2 on the photocatalytic efficiency of TiO2/w-VA-CNT nanocomposite materialsOliveira, Inês; Silva, Ricardo M.; Rodrigues, Joana; Correia, Maria R.; Monteiro, Teresa; Faria, Joaquim L.; Silva, Rui F.; Silva, Cláudia G.articleopenAccess
Feb-2009Influence of the AlN molar fraction on the structural and optical properties of praseodymium-doped AlxGa1-xN (0≤x≤1) alloysPeres, Marco; Magalhães, Sérgio; Franco, N.; Soares, Manuel; Neves, Armando; Alves, E.; Lorenz, K.; Monteiro, TeresaarticlerestrictedAccess
5-Jul-2020Iridium(III)porphyrin arrays with tuneable photophysical propertiesCastro, M. Cidália R.; Sedrine, Nabiha Ben; Monteiro, Teresa; Machado, Ana V.articleopenAccess
2003Lattice site location and optical activity of Er implanted ZnOAlves, E.; Rita, E.; Wahl, U.; Correia, J.G.; Monteiro, Teresa; Soares, Manuel; Boemare, ClaudearticlerestrictedAccess
Apr-2021Luminescent silver nanoclusters decorated on ZnO tetrapods: a detailed understanding of their role in photoluminescence featuresRodrigues, Joana; Becker, Charline; Ben Sedrine, Nabiha; Kamp, Marius; Kienle, Lorenz; Adelung, Rainer; Mishra, Yogendra Kumar; Parak, Wolfgang J.; Chakraborty, Indranath; Correia, Maria Rosário; Monteiro, TeresaarticleopenAccess
Mar-2020Nd:YAG laser scribed zinc oxide on semi-flexible copper foilsGaspar, Guilherme; Rodrigues, Joana; Fernandes, António J.S.; Soares, Maria R.; Monteiro, Teresa; Silva, Rui F.; Costa, Florinda M.articleopenAccess
2004Non-radiative and radiative properties of PLD-deposited polycrystalline GaN studied by UV ps-to-ns laser pulsesNiehus, M.; Sanguino, P.; Schwarz, R.; Fedorov, A.; Martinho, J.M.G.; Soares, Manuel; Monteiro, Teresa; Wünsch, F.; Kunst, M.articlerestrictedAccess
Dec-2006Optical and structural studies in Eu-implanted AlN filmsPeres, Marco; Cruz, A.; Soares, Manuel; Neves, Armando; Monteiro, Teresa; Lorenz, K.; Alves, E.articlerestrictedAccess
28-Apr-2020Optical properties of hydrothermally synthesised and thermally annealed ZnO/ZnO2 compositesRodrigues, Joana; Medeiros, Sloany; Vilarinho, Paula M.; Costa, M. Elisabete V.; Monteiro, TeresaarticleopenAccess
2002Optical properties of the synthetic nanocomposites SiO2/CdS/poly(styrene-co-maleic anhydride) and siO2/cdS/poly(styrene-co-maleimide)Esteves, Ana Catarina C.; Monteiro, Olinda C.; Barros-Timmons, Ana M. V.; Boemare, Claude; Soares, M. J.; Monteiro, Teresa; Trindade, TitoarticlerestrictedAccess
2003Photoluminescence decay in the ps time regime and structural properties of pulsed-laser deposited GaNSanguino, P.; Niehus, M.; Melo, L.; Schwarz, R.; Fedorov, A.; Martinho, J.M.G.; Soares, Manuel; Monteiro, TeresaarticlerestrictedAccess
Apr-2008Photoluminescent, transparent and flexible di-ureasil hybrids containing CdSe/ZnS quantum dotsNeves, Marcia C.; Martins, Manuel A.; Soares-Santos, Paula C. R.; Rauwel, Protima; Ferreira, Rute A. S.; Monteiro, Teresa; Carlos, Luís D.; Trindade, TitoarticlerestrictedAccess
31-Jan-2019Probing surface states in C60 decorated ZnO microwires: detailed photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence investigationsRodrigues, Joana; Smazna, Daria; Ben Sedrine, Nabiha; Nogales, Emilio; Adelung, Rainer; Mishra, Yogendra K.; Mendez, Bianchi; Correia, Maria R.; Monteiro, TeresaarticleopenAccess
2012Red light from ZrO2:Eu3+ nanostructuresSoares, Maria Rosa; Nico, Cláudio.; Oliveira, D.; Peres, Marco; Rino, Luís; Fernandes, António; Monteiro, Teresa; Costa, FlorindaarticlerestrictedAccess