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Title: An insight into the synthesis of cationic porphyrin-imidazole derivatives and their photodynamic inactivation efficiency against Escherichia coli
Author: Moreira, Xavier
Santos, Patrícia
Faustino, M. Amparo F.
Raposo, M. Manuela M.
Costa, Susana P.G.
Moura, Nuno M.M.
Gomes, Ana T.P.C.
Almeida, Adelaide
Neves, M.G.P.M.S.
Keywords: Porphyrin
Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy
Gram-negative E. coli
Issue Date: Jul-2020
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: New porphyrin-imidazole derivatives were synthesised by Radziszewski reaction between 2-formyl-5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrin 1 and several (hetero)aromatic 1,2-diones, which after cationization afforded promising monocationic photosensitizers 3a-d. Singlet oxygen studies have demonstrated that all the cationic porphyrin-imidazole conjugates 3a–d were capable to produce cytotoxic species. These photosensitizers were able to photoinactivate Eschericha coli and their inactivation profile was improved in the presence of KI.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1016/j.dyepig.2020.108330
ISSN: 0143-7208
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