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2023Arrays of graphene-quantum dots-supported DNA oligonucleotides as self-indicating porphyrin carriersMonteiro, Ana R.; Ramos, Catarina I. V.; Fateixa, Sara; Neves, Maria G. P. M. S.; Trindade, TitoarticleembargoedAccess
13-Jun-2023Removal of mercury by silica-supported ionic liquids: efficiency and ecotoxicological assessmentViana, Thainara; Almeida, Raquel; Figueira, Paula; Rocha, Luciana; Neves, Márcia; Freitas, Rosa; Freire, Mara; Henriques, Bruno; Pereira, EduardaarticleembargoedAccess
24-May-2023New method for isolating β-sitosterol from bleaching effluent of sulphite pulp millEvtyugin, Dmitry D.; Prates, António; Domingues, M. Rosário; Casal, Susana; Evtuguin, Dmitry V.articleembargoedAccess
Sep-2023Exploring the reactivity of formylporphyrins with 3-(diethylamino)phenol. Synthesis, spectroscopic properties and singlet oxygen generation of a new porphyrin–rosamine conjugateQueirós, Carla; Leite, Andreia; Moura, Nuno M.M.; Cerqueira, Ana F.R.; Serra, Vanda V.; Neves, Maria G.P.M.S.; Tomé, Augusto C.; Silva, Ana M.G.articleopenAccess
26-May-2023Diagnostic and monitoring applications using Near infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy in cancer and other diseasesVitorino, Rui; Barros, António S.; Guedes, Sofia; Caixeta, Douglas C.; Sabino-Silva, RobinsonarticleembargoedAccess
1-Aug-2023Evaluation of Covalent Organic Frameworks for the low-cost, rapid detection of Shiga Toxin-producing Escherichia coli in ready-to-eat saladsCosta-Ribeiro, Ana; Azinheiro, Sarah; Fernandes, Soraia P.S.; Lamas, Alexandre; Prado, Marta; Salonen, Laura M.; Garrido-Maestu, AlejandroarticleopenAccess
15-Sep-2023Contribution of non-ionic interactions on bile salt sequestration by chitooligosaccharides: potential hypocholesterolemic activityCoreta-Gomes, Filipe; Silva, Inês M.V.; Nunes, Cláudia; Marin-Montesinos, Ildefonso; Evtuguin, Dmitry; Geraldes, Carlos F.G.C.; João Moreno, Maria; Coimbra, Manuel A.articleopenAccess
23-May-2023A chemical study of yoghurt produced under isostatic pressure during storageVieira, Patrícia; Pinto, Carlos A.; James Goodfellow, Brian; Gomes, Ana M.; Sousa, Sérgio; Machado, Manuela; Delgadillo, Ivonne; Saraiva, Jorge A.articleembargoedAccess
15-Aug-2023The antioxidant activity of polysaccharides: a structure-function relationship overviewFernandes, Pedro A. R.; Coimbra, Manuel A.articleopenAccess
1-Aug-2023Starch-based films doped with porphyrinoid photosensitizers for active skin wound healingLopes, Paloma; Joaquinito, A. Sofia M.; Ribeiro, Artur; Moura, Nuno M. M.; Gomes, Ana T. P.; Guerreiro, Susana G.; Faustino, M. Amparo F.; Almeida, Adelaide; Ferreira, Paula; Coimbra, Manuel A.; Neves, M. Graça P. M. S.; Gonçalves, IdalinaarticleopenAccess
Jun-2023Porphyrin-silica gel hybrids as effective and selective copper(II) adsorbents from industrial wastewaterEl Abiad, Chahrazad; Radi, Smaail; El Massaoudi, Mohamed; Lamsayah, Morad; Figueira, Flávio; Faustino, M. Amparo F.; Neves, M. Graça P.M.S.; Moura, Nuno M.M.articleopenAccess
29-Apr-2023Influence of pressure pre-treatments on liquid whole egg thermal pasteurization – microbiological, physicochemical and functional propertiesRibeiro, Ana C.; Barba, Francisco J.; Barber, Xavier; Silva, J.A. Lopes da; Saraiva, Jorge A.articleopenAccess
Aug-2023Exercise training impacts skeletal muscle remodelling induced by metabolic syndrome in ZSF1 rats through metabolism regulationNogueira-Ferreira, Rita; Santos, Inês; Ferreira, Rita; Fontoura, Dulce; Sousa-Mendes, Cláudia; Falcão-Pires, Inês; Lourenço, André P.; Leite-Moreira, Adelino; Duarte, Iola F.; Moreira-Gonçalves, DanielarticleembargoedAccess
Oct-2023Current trends in the traceability of geographic origin and detection of species-mislabeling in marine bivalvesSantos, Andreia; Ricardo, Fernando; Domingues, M. Rosário M.; Patinha, Carla; Calado, RicardoarticleopenAccess
15-Jun-2023A carboxyl-functionalized covalent organic polymer for the efficient adsorption of saxitoxinWang, Tianxing; Fernandes, Soraia P. S.; Araújo, Joana; Li, Xiaoxi; Salonen, Laura M.; Espiña, BegoñaarticleopenAccess
15-Jul-2019Salt pan brine water as a sustainable source of sulphated polysaccharides with immunostimulatory activityNunes, Cláudia; Rocha, Ana; Quitério, Pedro; Ferreira, Sónia S.; Correia, Alexandra; Vilanova, Manuel; Coimbra, Manuel A.articleopenAccess
1-Oct-2019Revisiting the chemistry of apple pomace polyphenolsFernandes, Pedro A. R.; Le Bourvellec, Carine; Renard, Catherine M. G. C.; Nunes, Fernando M.; Bastos, Rita; Coelho, Elisabete; Wessel, Dulcineia F.; Coimbra, Manuel A.; Cardoso, Susana M.articleopenAccess
15-Feb-2021Relevance of genipin networking on rheological, physical, and mechanical properties of starch-based formulationsGonçalves, Idalina; Hernández, Diana; Cruz, Cátia; Lopes, Joana; Barra, Ana; Nunes, Cláudia; da Silva, José A. Lopes; Ferreira, Paula; Coimbra, Manuel A.articleopenAccess
15-May-2020Purification of mercury-contaminated water using new AM-11 and AM-14 microporous silicatesFabre, Elaine; Rocha, Arany; Cardoso, Simão P.; Brandão, Paula; Vale, Carlos; Lopes, Cláudia B.; Pereira, Eduarda; Silva, Carlos M.articleopenAccess
Jan-2020Preservation of raw watermelon juice up to one year by hyperbaric storage at room temperatureLemos, Álvaro T.; Ribeiro, Ana C.; Delgadillo, Ivonne; Saraiva, Jorge A.articleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 149