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Jan-2022Fatty acid ratio analysis identifies changes in competent meroplanktonic larvae sampled over different supply eventsRey, Felisa; Greenacre, Michael; Neto, Gina M. Silva; Bueno-Pardo, Juan; Domingues, M. Rosário; Calado, RicardoarticleembargoedAccess
1-May-2021The effects of addition of functional monomers and molecular imprinting on dual drug release from intraocular lens materialTopete, Ana; Barahona, Isabel; Santos, Luís F.; Pinto, Carlos A.; Saraiva, Jorge A.; Serro, Ana Paula; Saramago, BenildearticleembargoedAccess
8-Oct-2021Association between estrogen receptors and GATA3 in bladder cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis of their clinicopathological significanceBernardo, Carina; Monteiro, Fátima L.; Direito, Inês; Amado, Francisco; Afreixo, Vera; Santos, Lúcio L.; Helguero, Luisa A.articleopenAccess
1-Feb-2022Brewer's yeast polysaccharides: a review of their exquisite structural features and biomedical applicationsBastos, Rita; Oliveira, Patrícia G.; Gaspar, Vítor M.; Mano, João F.; Coimbra, Manuel A.; Coelho, ElisabetearticleembargoedAccess
Jul-2020“Só para ensinar” ou “mais para aprender”? Reflexões, entre pares, sobre as (próprias) práticas pedagógicas no ensino superior: Análise das perceções dos professores sobre um programa de observação por paresFranco, Amanda; Vieira, Rui Marques; Simões, Ana Raquel; Costa, Alberto; Ventura, Sónia P. M.; Neto, Vitor; Carlos, Vânia; Lopes, Betina Silva; Rosa, Maria João; Fonseca, Pedro; Silva, Vera L. M.; Lima, Mário; Valente, RoberttarticleopenAccess
May-2020Oxidative stress, metabolic and histopathological alterations in mussels exposed to remediated seawater by GO-PEI after contamination with mercuryCoppola, Francesca; Bessa, Ana; Henriques, Bruno; Russo, Tania; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M.; Figueira, Etelvina; Marques, Paula A. A. P.; Polese, Gianluca; Di Cosmo, Anna; Pereira, Eduarda; Freitas, RosaarticleopenAccess
5-Apr-2021High affinity of 3D spongin scaffold towards Hg(II) in real watersDomingues, Eddy M.; Gonçalves, Gil; Henriques, Bruno; Pereira, Eduarda; Marques, Paula A. A. P.articleopenAccess
Feb-2021Water softening using graphene oxide/biopolymer hybrid nanomaterialsRocha, Luciana S.; Nogueira, João; Daniel-da-Silva, Ana Luísa; Marques, Paula; Fateixa, Sara; Pereira, Eduarda; Trindade, TitoarticleembargoedAccess
6-Mar-2021How efficient is graphene-based nanocomposite to adsorb Hg from seawater: a laboratory assay to assess the toxicological impacts induced by remediated water towards marine bivalvesCoppola, Francesca; Jiang, Weiwei; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M.; Marques, Paula A. A. P.; Polese, Gianluca; Pereira, Maria Eduarda; Jiang, Zengjie; Freitas, RosaarticleopenAccess
28-Jul-2020Green graphene-chitosan sorbent materials for mercury water remediationBessa, Ana; Gonçalves, Gil; Henriques, Bruno; Domingues, Eddy M.; Pereira, Eduarda; Marques, Paula A. A. P.articleopenAccess
5-Apr-2021Plasma phospholipidomic profile differs between children with phenylketonuria and healthy childrenGuerra, Inês M. S.; Diogo, Luísa; Pinho, Marisa; Melo, Tânia; Domingues, Pedro; Domingues, M. Rosário; Moreira, Ana S. P.articleembargoedAccess
Apr-2021Photodynamic inactivation of Lasiodiplodia theobromae: lighting the way towards an environmentally friendly phytosanitary treatmentGarcia, M.; David, B.; Sierra-Garcia, I. N.; Faustino, M. A. F.; Alves, A.; Esteves, A. C.; Cunha, A.articleopenAccess
Oct-2020Photodynamic inactivation of the phytopathogenic bacterium Xanthomonas citri subsp. citriNdemueda, Anastasia; Faustino, Maria do Amparo Ferreira; Cunha, Ângela; Pereira, InêsarticleopenAccess
15-Mar-2021Characterization of non-volatile oxidation products formed from triolein in a model study at frying temperaturePetronilho, Sílvia; Neves, Bruna; Melo, Tânia; Oliveira, Sara; Alves, Eliana; Barros, Cristina; Nunes, Fernando M.; Coimbra, Manuel A.; Domingues, M. RosárioarticleembargoedAccess
2020De novo sequencing of proteins by mass spectrometryVitorino, Rui; Guedes, Sofia; Trindade, Fabio; Correia, Inês; Moura, Gabriela; Carvalho, Paulo; Santos, Manuel; Amado, FranciscoarticleembargoedAccess
Apr-2021Effect of harvesting month and proximity to fish farm sea cages on the lipid profile of cultivated Saccharina latissimaMonteiro, João P.; Melo, Tânia; Skjermo, Jorunn; Forbord, Silje; Broch, Ole J.; Domingues, Pedro; Calado, Ricardo; Domingues, M. RosárioarticleembargoedAccess
15-Jan-2021Recovery of pigments from Ulva rigidaMartins, Margarida; Oliveira, Rui; Coutinho, João A. P.; Faustino, M. Amparo F.; Neves, M. Graça P. M. S.; Pinto, Diana C. G. A.; Ventura, Sónia P. M.articlerestrictedAccess
2020Helicobacter pylori lipopolysaccharide structural domains and their recognition by immune proteins revealed with carbohydrate microarraysSilva, Lisete M.; Correia, Viviana G.; Moreira, Ana S.P.; Domingues, Maria Rosário M.; Ferreira, Rui M.; Figueiredo, Céu; Azevedo, Nuno F.; Marcos-Pinto, Ricardo; Carneiro, Fátima; Magalhães, Ana; Reis, Celso A.; Feizi, Ten; Ferreira, José A.; Coimbra, Manuel A.; Palma, Angelina S.articleopenAccess
Nov-2020Chikungunya virus strains from each genetic clade bind sulfated glycosaminoglycans as attachment factorsMcAllister, Nicole; Liu, Yan; Silva, Lisete M.; Lentscher, Anthony J.; Chai, Wengang; Wu, Nian; Griswold, Kira A.; Raghunathan, Krishnan; Vang, Lo; Alexander, Jeff; Warfield, Kelly L.; Diamond, Michael S.; Feizi, Ten; Silva, Laurie A.; Dermody, Terence S.articleembargoedAccess
1-Oct-2019Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of Satureja montana byproducts essential oilsSantos, Jéssica D.C.; Coelho, Elisabete; Silva, Rita; Passos, Cláudia P.; Teixeira, Pedro; Henriques, Isabel; Coimbra, Manuel A.articleembargoedAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 39