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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Feb-20223D sub-cellular localization of upconverting nanoparticles through hyperspectral microscopySilva, Rodolfo N.; Botas, Alexandre M. P.; Brandão, David; Bastos, Verónica; Oliveira, Helena; Debasu, Mengistie L.; Ferreira, Rute A. S.; Brites, Carlos D. S.; Carlos, Luís D.articlerestrictedAccess
26-Jun-2022Alginate-lysozyme nanofibers hydrogels with improved rheological behavior, printability and biological properties for 3D bioprinting applicationsTeixeira, Maria C.; Lameirinhas, Nicole S; Carvalho, João P F; Valente, Bruno F A; Luís, Jorge; Pires, Liliana; Oliveira, Helena; Oliveira, Martinho; Silvestre, Armando J D; Vilela, Carla; Freire, Carmen S RarticleopenAccess
Jan-2021Bacterial nanocellulose-hyaluronic acid microneedle patches for skin applications: In vitro and in vivo evaluationFonseca, Daniela F. S.; Vilela, Carla; Pinto, Ricardo J. B.; Bastos, Verónica; Oliveira, Helena; Catarino, José; Faísca, Pedro; Rosado, Catarina; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Freire, Carmen S. R.articlerestrictedAccess
Aug-2018Biocompatible hybrids based on nanographene oxide covalently linked to glycolporphyrins: synthesis, characterization and biological evaluationSantos, Carla I.M.; Gonçalves, Gil; Cicuéndez, Monica; Mariz, Inês; Silva, Virgília S.; Oliveira, Helena; Campos, Fábio; Vieira, Sandra I.; Marques, Paula A.A.P.; Maçôas, Ermelinda M.S.; Neves, M.Graça P.M.S.; Martinho, José M.G.articleopenAccess
2021Blue is not enough: biological activities of C-phycocyanin extracts from Anabaena cylindricaMacário, Inês PE; Veloso, Telma; Fernandes, Andreia PM; Martins, Margarida; Dias, Tânia R; Oliveira, Helena; Gonçalves, Fernando JM; Ventura, Sónia PM; Pereira, Joana LarticlerestrictedAccess
25-Mar-2022Boosting antibiotics performance by new formulations with deep eutectic solventsPedro, Sónia N.; Gomes, Ana T. P. C.; Oskoei, Párástu; Oliveira, Helena; Almeida, Adelaide; Freire, Mara G.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Freire, Carmen S. R.articleopenAccess
16-Jul-2012Cadmium-induced cyto- and genotoxicity are organ-dependent in lettuceMonteiro, Cristina; Santos, Conceição; Pinho, Sónia; Oliveira, Helena; Pedrosa, Tiago; Dias, Maria CelestearticlerestrictedAccess
2014Cadmium-induced genotoxicity in human osteoblast-like cellsOliveira, Helena; Monteiro, Cristina; Pinho, Francisco; Pinho, Sónia; Ferreira de Oliveira, José Miguel P.; Santos, ConceiçãoarticlerestrictedAccess
2014Chemoprevention of photocarcinogenesis by lycopeneAscenso, Andreia; Ribeiro, Helena; Marques, Helena C.; Oliveira, Helena; Santos, Conceição; Simões, SandraarticlerestrictedAccess
May-2020Colloidal (Gd0.98Nd0.02)2O3 nanothermometers operating in a cell culture medium within the first and second biological windowsDebasu, M.L.; Oliveira, Helena; Rocha, João; Carlos, Luís DiasarticleopenAccess
Jan-2020Comparative Cr, As and CCA induced Cytostaticity in mice kidney: a contribution to assess CCA toxicityMatos, Rita Cerejeira; Oliveira, Helena; Fonseca, Henrique M. A. C.; Morais, Simone; Sharma, Bechan; Santos, Conceição; de Lourdes Pereira, MariaarticleopenAccess
2015Cryopreservation of somatic embryos of Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn. and confirmation of ploidy stability by flow cytometrySan José, Ma del Carmen; Corredoira, Elena; Oliveira, Helena; Santos, ConceiçãoarticlerestrictedAccess
2012Cytogenetic characterization and genome size of the medicinal plant Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. DonGuimarães, Guilherme; Cardoso, Luísa; Oliveira, Helena; Santos, Conceição; Duarte, Patrícia; Sottomayor, MarianaarticleopenAccess
2022Dissolvable Carboxymethylcellulose Microneedles for Noninvasive and Rapid Administration of Diclofenac SodiumSilva, Ana C. Q.; Pereira, Bárbara; Lameirinhas, Nicole S.; Costa, P. C.; Almeida, I. F.; Dias-Pereira, P.; Correia-Sá, I.; Oliveira, Helena; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Vilela, Carla; Freire, Carmen S. R.articleopenAccess
Nov-2022Drug Delivery Systems and Flavonoids: Current Knowledge in Melanoma Treatment and Future PerspectivesCunha, Catarina; Daniel-da-Silva, Ana L.; Oliveira, HelenaarticleopenAccess
2018Errors in protein synthesis increase the level of saturated fatty acids and affect the overall lipid profiles of yeastAraújo, Ana Rita D.; Melo, Tânia; Maciel, Elisabete A.; Pereira, Clara; Morais, Catarina M.; Santinha, Deolinda R.; Tavares, Joana F.; Oliveira, Helena; Jurado, Amália S.; Costa, Vítor; Domingues, Pedro; Domingues, Maria Rosário M.; Santos, Manuel A. S.articleopenAccess
Jul-2010Evaluation of in vivo reproductive toxicity of potassium chromate in male miceOliveira, Helena; Spanò, Marcello; Guevara, Miguel Angel; Santos, Teresa Margarida; Santos, Conceição; Pereira, Maria de LourdesarticlerestrictedAccess
2013Flow cytometric and karyological analyses of Calendula species from Iberian PeninsulaNora, Sofia; Castro, Sílvia; Loureiro, João; Gonçalves, Ana Carla; Oliveira, Helena; Castro, Mariana; Santos, Conceição; Silveira, PauloarticlerestrictedAccess
Mar-2012Impairment of mice spermatogenesis by sodium arseniteFerreira, Mónica; Matos, Rita Cerejeira; Oliveira, Helena; Nunes, Bruno; Pereira, Maria de LourdesarticlerestrictedAccess
2014Improving elms performance under drought stress: the pretreatment with abscisic acidDias, Maria Celeste; Oliveira, Helena; Costa, Armando; Santos, ConceiçãoarticlerestrictedAccess