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Nov-2015Anchoring of gold nanoparticles on graphene oxide and noncovalent interactions with porphyrinoidsAndrade, Suzana M.; Bueno-Alejo, Carlos J.; Serra, Vanda V.; Rodrigues, João M. M.; Neves, Maria G. P. M. S.; Viana, Ana S.; Costa, Sílvia M. B.articleopenAccess
Oct-2016Synthesis and anion binding properties of porphyrins and related compoundsFigueira, Flávio; Rodrigues, João M. M.; Farinha, Andreia A. S.; Cavaleiro, José A. S.; Tomé, João P. C.articleopenAccess
1-Mar-2016Highly selective optical chemosensor for cyanide in aqueous mediumRodrigues, João M. M.; Farinha, Andreia A. S.; Tomé, Augusto C.; Cavaleiro, José A. S.; Tomé, João P. C.articleopenAccess
1-Oct-2017Porphyrin modified trastuzumab improves efficacy of HER2 targeted photodynamic therapy of gastric cancerKorsak, Barbara; Almeida, Gabriela M.; Rocha, Sara; Pereira, Carla; Mendes, Nuno; Osório, Hugo; Pereira, Patrícia M. R.; Rodrigues, João M. M.; Schneider, Rudolf J.; Sarmento, Bruno; Tomé, João P. C.; Oliveira, CarlaarticleopenAccess
Aug-2014Concentration sensor based on a tilted fiber Bragg grating for anions monitoringMelo, L. B.; Rodrigues, J. M. M.; Farinha, A. S. F.; Marques, C. A.; Bilro, L.; Alberto, N.; Tomé, J. P. C.; Nogueira, R. N.articlerestrictedAccess
15-Mar-20125-[4-(diethoxyphosphoryl)-2,3,5,6-tetrafluorophenyl]-10,15,20-tris(pentafluorophenyl)porphyrinPereira, Carla F.; Fernandes, José A.; Rodrigues, João M. M.; Vilela, Sérgio M. F.; Tomé, João P. C.; Paz, Filipe A. AlmeidaarticleopenAccess
15-Aug-2010New porphyrin amino acid conjugates: synthesis and photodynamic effect in human epithelial cellsSerra, V. Vaz; Zamarrón, A.; Faustino, M. A. F.; Iglesias-de la Cruz, M. C.; Blázquez, A.; Rodrigues, J. M. M.; Neves, M. G. P. M. S.; Cavaleiro, J. A. S.; Juarranz, A.; Sanz-Rodríguez, F.articleopenAccess
Apr-2018N-confused porphyrin immobilized on solid supports: synthesis and metal ions sensing efficacyGamelas, Sara R. D.; Gomes, Ana T. P. C.; Moura, Nuno M. M.; Faustino, Maria A. F.; Cavaleiro, José A. S.; Lodeiro, Carlos; Veríssimo, Marta I. S.; Fernandes, Tiago; Daniel-da-Silva, Ana L.; Gomes, M. Teresa S. R.; Neves, Maria G. P. M. S.articleopenAccess
1-May-2021The effects of addition of functional monomers and molecular imprinting on dual drug release from intraocular lens materialTopete, Ana; Barahona, Isabel; Santos, Luís F.; Pinto, Carlos A.; Saraiva, Jorge A.; Serro, Ana Paula; Saramago, BenildearticleembargoedAccess
2020De novo sequencing of proteins by mass spectrometryVitorino, Rui; Guedes, Sofia; Trindade, Fabio; Correia, Inês; Moura, Gabriela; Carvalho, Paulo; Santos, Manuel; Amado, FranciscoarticleembargoedAccess
3-Jan-2019Critical evaluation of the functionality of soy protein isolates obtained from different raw materialsMonteiro, Sónia R.; Lopes-da-Silva, José A.articlerestrictedAccess
8-May-2019Gelling and emulsifying properties of soy protein hydrolysates in the presence of a neutral polysaccharideLopes-da-Silva, José A; Monteiro, Sónia RarticlerestrictedAccess
Sep-2020Estrogen receptors in urogenital schistosomiasis and bladder cancer: estrogen receptor alpha-mediated cell proliferationBernardo, Carina; Santos, Júlio; Costa, Céu; Tavares, Ana; Amaro, Teresina; Marques, Igor; Gouveia, Maria João; Félix, Vítor; Afreixo, Vera; Brindley, Paul J.; Costa, José Manuel; Amado, Francisco; Helguero, Luisa; Santos, Lúcio L.articlerestrictedAccess
5-Nov-2018Fractionation of Isochrysis galbana Proteins, Arabinans, and Glucans Using Ionic-Liquid-Based Aqueous Biphasic SystemsSantos, João H. P. M.; Trigo, João P.; Maricato, Élia; Nunes, Cláudia; Coimbra, Manuel A.; Ventura, Sónia P. M.articlerestrictedAccess
11-Apr-2019R-phycoerythrin extraction and purification from fresh Gracilaria sp. using thermo-responsive systemsVicente, Filipa A.; Cardoso, Inês S.; Martins, Margarida; Gonçalves, Cátia V. M.; Dias, Ana C. R. V.; Domingues, Pedro; Coutinho, João A. P.; Ventura, Sónia P. M.articlerestrictedAccess
1-Oct-2019Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of Satureja montana byproducts essential oilsSantos, Jéssica D.C.; Coelho, Elisabete; Silva, Rita; Passos, Cláudia P.; Teixeira, Pedro; Henriques, Isabel; Coimbra, Manuel A.articleembargoedAccess
15-Jun-2018Modelling human prostate cancer: rat modelsNascimento-Gonçalves, Elisabete; Faustino-Rocha, Ana I.; Seixas, Fernanda; Ginja, Mário; Colaço, Bruno; Ferreira, Rita; Fardilha, Margarida; Oliveira, Paula A.articleopenAccess
2017A ruthenium(II)-trithiacyclononane curcuminate complex: synthesis, characterization, DNA-interaction, and cytotoxic activityHenriques, Magda Carvalho; Faustino, Maria Amparo F.; Silva, Artur M. S.; Felgueiras, Juliana; Fardilha, Margarida; Braga, Susana SantosarticleopenAccess
24-Oct-2019High-intensity, high-volume exercise in addition to school exercise classes reduces endothelial progenitor cells, inflammation and catabolism in adolescent boysHenriques, Magda; Fernandes, Raquel; Gonçalves, Ana Cristina; Ribeiro, Ilda Patrícia; Santos, Rui; Fardilha, Margarida; Ferreira, Rita; Ribeiro, FernandoarticleopenAccess
19-Oct-2020Chronic exercise training attenuates prostate cancer-induced molecular remodelling in the testisMatos, Bárbara; Patrício, Daniela; Henriques, Magda C.; Freitas, Maria J.; Vitorino, Rui; Duarte, Iola F.; Howl, John; Oliveira, Paula; Seixas, Fernanda; Duarte, José A.; Ferreira, Rita; Fardilha, MargaridaarticleembargoedAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 139