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22-Sep-2021“Gamification For All”: planning and designing a community-oriented gamification strategyRegalado, Francisco; Silva, João Henrique; Machado, Sónia; Costa Liliana Vale; Veloso, Ana; Santos, Carlos; Mealha, ÓscarbookPartrestrictedAccess
17-Sep-2022Humanizing information about meaningful activities for people with dementiaBranco, Rita Maldonado; Quental, Joana; Ribeiro, Óscar; Teles, Soraia; Almeida, Ana MargaridabookPartopenAccess
12-Jul-2021Accessibility and microcopy remote testing of mobile applications: The case of the CeNTER platformTymoshchuk, Oksana; Oliveira, Eliza; Branco, André; Carvalho, Daniel; Antunes, Maria João; Pedro, Luís; Almeida, Ana Margarida; Ramos, FernandobookPartrestrictedAccess
2021Children with special needs in music arts education programmes: challengesMoreno, Davys; Moreira, António; Tymoshchuk, Oksana; Marques, CarlosbookPartopenAccess
2021Blended-learning in contexts conditioned by the pandemic: the perceptions of higher education studentsMorais, Nídia Salomé; Raposo, RuibookPartrestrictedAccess
2022Fostering co-UXers in later age: co-designing a UX toolkit for the senior online community miOneMachado, Sónia; Costa, Liliana Vale; Mealha, Óscar; Veloso, Ana; Santos, CarlosbookPartrestrictedAccess
2021Serviço Nacional de Saúde de Portugal no Instagram: percepção dos universitários sobre o conteúdo do @sns_pt na pandemia da COVID-19Pinto, Pâmela Araujo; Antunes, Maria João; Almeida, Ana Margarida PiscobookPartrestrictedAccess
2021Online news and gamification habits in late adulthood: a survey with older adultsRegalado, Francisco; Costa, Liliana Vale; Veloso, Ana IsabelbookPartopenAccess
2019Age stereotyping in the game context: introducing the game-ageism and age-gameism phenomenaCosta, Liliana Vale; Veloso, Ana Isabel; Loos, EugènebookPartrestrictedAccess
2021Fostering senior community-based cyclotourism using transmedia: a proposalOrtet, Cláudia; Veloso, Ana Isabel; Costa, Liliana ValebookPartrestrictedAccess
2021Older adults “jump” into coDesiging a digital game: a field studyCosta, Liliana Vale; Veloso, Ana Isabel; Sousa, Liliana; Loizou, Michael; Arna, SylvesterbookPartrestrictedAccess
2019Methods and strategies for involving older adults in branding an online community: the miOne case studyAmado, Pedro; Costa, Liliana Vale; Veloso, Ana IsabelbookPartrestrictedAccess
15-Jul-2019Scaffolding in indoor and outdoor mobility: a wearable and mobile application for senior tourism in a playable cityCosta, Liliana Vale; Veloso, Ana Isabel; Arnab, Sylvester; Loizou, Michael; Tomlins, Richard; Sukumar, ArunbookPartrestrictedAccess
15-Jul-2019As TIC na promoção da qualidade de vida da pessoa idosa em PortugalFerreira, Sónia; Veloso, AnabookPartrestrictedAccess
2018Citizen’s interactions in “Smart game-playing environments”Costa, Liliana Vale; Veloso, Ana Isabel; Mealha, ÓscarbookPartrestrictedAccess
2020Experts evaluation of usability for digital solutions directed at older adults: a scoping review of reviewsSilva, Anabela G.; Martins, Ana Isabel; Caravau, Hilma; Almeida, Ana Margarida; Silva, Telmo; Ribeiro, Óscar; Santinha, Gonçalo; Rocha, Nelson P.bookPartopenAccess
2021Supporting childbirth knowledge acquisition and decision-making through digital communication technology: the research design of an ongoing study following a mixed-method approachLeite, Carla V.; Almeida, Ana MargaridabookPartopenAccess
2021Digital inclusion of nursing home residents: a usability evaluation of the digital kiosk siosLIFE™Leite, Carla V.; Carvalho, Daniel; Almeida, Ivone; Nunes, Sofia; Almeida, Ana MargaridabookPartopenAccess
Sep-2019Learning SQL with games: pedagogical innovation when students are willing to mentor other studentsSantos, Carlos; Beja, Joana; Carvalho, Ana RaquelbookPartopenAccess
2020A centralidade da análise de conteúdo assistida por WebQDA num estudo de caso coletivo: como aferir a perceção de professores e alunos mentores participantes em projetos de mentoria entre paresCarvalho, Ana Raquel; Santos, CarlosbookPartopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 86