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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
16-Jan-2015Amyloid precursor protein interaction network in human testis: sentinel proteins for male reproductionSilva, Joana Vieira; Yoon, Sooyeon; Domingues, Sara; Guimarães, Sofia; Goltsev, Alexander V.; Silva, Edgar Figueiredo da Cruz e; Mendes, José Fernando F.; Silva, Odete Abreu Beirão da Cruz e; Fardilha, MargaridaarticleopenAccess
Feb-2020An efficient synthetic access to new uracil-alditols bearing a porphyrin unit and biological assessment in prostate cancer cellsDias, Cristina J.; Sardo, Inês; Moura, Nuno M. M.; Felgueiras, Juliana; Neves, M. Graça P. M. S.; Fardilha, Margarida; Faustino, M. Amparo F.articleembargoedAccess
2018An insight on the role of photosensitizer nanocarriers for Photodynamic TherapyMesquita, Mariana Q.; Dias, Cristina J.; Gamelas, Sara; Fardilha, Margarida; Neves, Maria G. P. M. S.; Faustino, Maria Amparo F.articleopenAccess
Oct-2013An intriguing shift occurs in the novel protein phosphatase 1 binding partner, TCTEX1D4: evidence of positive selection in a pika modelKorrodi-Gregório, Luís; Lopes, Ana Margarida; Esteves, Sara L. C.; Afonso, Sandra; Matos, Ana Lemos de; Lissovsky, Andrey A.; Silva, Odete A. B. da Cruz e; Silva, Edgar F. da Cruz e; Esteves, Pedro José; Fardilha, MargaridaarticleopenAccess
Sep-2019Anatomy and imaging of rat prostate: practical monitoring in experimental cancer-induced protocolsGinja, Mário; Pires, Maria J.; Gonzalo-Orden, José M.; Seixas, Fernanda; Correia-Cardoso, Miguel; Ferreira, Rita; Fardilha, Margarida; Oliveira, Paula A.; Faustino-Rocha, Ana I.articleopenAccess
19-Oct-2020Chronic exercise training attenuates prostate cancer-induced molecular remodelling in the testisMatos, Bárbara; Patrício, Daniela; Henriques, Magda C.; Freitas, Maria J.; Vitorino, Rui; Duarte, Iola F.; Howl, John; Oliveira, Paula; Seixas, Fernanda; Duarte, José A.; Ferreira, Rita; Fardilha, MargaridaarticleembargoedAccess
Feb-2019Contribution of the unfolded protein response to breast and prostate tissue homeostasis and its significance to cancer endocrine responseDireito, Inês; Fardilha, Margarida; Helguero, Luisa AarticleopenAccess
30-Jan-2019Exploring the effect of exercise training on testicular functionMatos, Bárbara; Howl, John; Ferreira, Rita; Fardilha, MargaridaarticleopenAccess
Apr-2019Exposure to mercury and human reproductive health: a systematic reviewHenriques, Magda Carvalho; Loureiro, Susana; Fardilha, Margarida; Herdeiro, Maria TeresaarticleopenAccess
Nov-2019First insights on the presence of the unfolded protein response in human spermatozoaSantiago, Joana; Silva, Joana Vieira; Fardilha, MargaridaarticleopenAccess
4-Nov-2016From proteomic analysis to potential therapeutic targets: functional profile of two lung cancer cell lines, A549 and SW900, widely studied in pre-clinical researchKorrodi-Gregório, Luís; Soto-Cerrato, Vanessa; Vitorino, Rui; Fardilha, Margarida; Pérez-Tomás, RicardoarticleopenAccess
24-Oct-2019High-intensity, high-volume exercise in addition to school exercise classes reduces endothelial progenitor cells, inflammation and catabolism in adolescent boysHenriques, Magda; Fernandes, Raquel; Gonçalves, Ana Cristina; Ribeiro, Ilda Patrícia; Santos, Rui; Fardilha, Margarida; Ferreira, Rita; Ribeiro, FernandoarticleopenAccess
Nov-2012Identificação de alvos terapêuticos e de diagnóstico através do Yeast Two Hybrid System: a biologia molecular na medicinaFreitas, Maria João; Korrodi-Gregório, Luís; Esteves, Sara; Fardilha, MargaridaarticleopenAccess
18-Mar-2013Identification and characterization of two distinct PPP1R2 isoforms in human spermatozoaKorrodi-Gregório, Luís; Ferreira, Mónica; Vintém, Ana Paula; Wenjuan Wu; Muller, Thorsten; Marcus, Katrin; Vijayaraghavan, Srinivasan; Brautigan, David L.; Silva, Odete A. B. da Cruz e; Fardilha, Margarida; Silva, Edgar F. da Cruz earticleopenAccess
2008A importância do mecanismo de “splicing” alternativo para a identificação de novos alvos terapêuticosFardilha, Margarida; Silva, Odete A. B. da Cruz e; Silva, Edgar F. da Cruz earticleopenAccess
2011In vivo interaction of the hepatitis delta virus small antigen with the ELAV-like protein HuRCasaca, Ana; Fardilha, Margarida; Silva, Edgar da Cruz e; Cunha, CelsoarticleopenAccess
15-Jun-2018Modelling human prostate cancer: rat modelsNascimento-Gonçalves, Elisabete; Faustino-Rocha, Ana I.; Seixas, Fernanda; Ginja, Mário; Colaço, Bruno; Ferreira, Rita; Fardilha, Margarida; Oliveira, Paula A.articleopenAccess
Jun-2019mTOR signaling pathway regulates sperm quality in older menSilva, Joana Vieira; Cabral, Madalena; Correia, Bárbara Regadas; Carvalho, Pedro; Sousa, Mário; Oliveira, Pedro Fontes; Fardilha, MargaridaarticleopenAccess
May-2016Non‐stop lab week: a real laboratory experience for life sciences postgraduate coursesFreitas, Maria João; Silva, Joana Vieira; Korrodi-Gregório, Luís; Fardilha, MargaridaarticleopenAccess
6-Nov-2013Not so pseudo: the evolutionary history of protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 2 and related pseudogenesKorrodi-Gregório, Luís; Abrantes, Joana; Muller, Thorsten; Melo-Ferreira, José; Marcus, Katrin; Silva, Odete A. B. da Cruz e; Fardilha, Margarida; Esteves, Pedro J.articleopenAccess