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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
May-2018Indicador integrado para análise dos custos externos do tráfego rodoviárioVilaça, Mariana; Sampaio, Carlos; Bandeira, Jorge; Fernandes, Paulo; Rodrigues, Vera; Relvas, Hélder; Borrego, Carlos; Coelho, MargaridaconferenceObjectopenAccess
2017Information Management for Smart and Sustainable MobilityTeixeira, João; Fernandes, Paulo; Bandeira, Jorge M.; Coelho, Margarida C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2016Safer cycling routes to the university: analysis of conflicts Between motor vehicles and bicyclesCoelho, Margarida C.; Fernandes, Paulo; Campos, Luis GonçaloconferenceObjectopenAccess
2017Multi-Criteria Assessment of crosswalk location on a corridor with roundabouts: Incorporating a Noise related CriterionFernandes, Paulo; Guarnaccia, Claudio; Teixeira, João; Sousa, Anésio; Coelho, Margarida C.articleopenAccess
Jan-2018The potential of metering roundabouts: influence in transportation externalitiesFernandes, Paulo; Teixeira, João; Guarnaccia, Claudio; Bandeira, Jorge M.; Macedo, Eloísa; Coelho, Margarida C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2017Turboroundabouts along corridors analysis of operational and environmental impactsFernandes, Paulo; Rouphail, Nagui; Coelho, Margarida C.articleopenAccess
2018Advanced impact integration platform for cooperative road useBandeira, Jorge; Guarnaccia, C; Fernandes, Paulo; Coelho, Margarida C.articleopenAccess
2017Turbo-roundabouts along corridors: analysis of operational and environmental impactsFernandes, Paulo; Rouphail, Nagui; Coelho, Margarida C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Feb-2017Main Benefits and Limitations of Using Conventional Roundabouts And Turboroundabouts Along CorridorsFernandes, Paulo; Rouphail, Nagui M.; Coelho, Margarida C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Feb-2018Statistical and semi-dynamical road traffic noise models comparison with field measurementsGuarnaccia, Claudio; Bandeira, Jorge; Coelho, Margarida C.; Fernandes, Paulo; Teixeira, João; Ioannidis, George; Quartieri, JosephconferenceObjectopenAccess
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