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Title: The interactive assessments using gamification tools (kahoot! & socrative): gamification in middle and secondary education
Author: Lawrance, Paul Joseph
Moreira, António
Santos, Carlos
Keywords: Gamification tools
Interactive assessments
Issue Date: 21-Jul-2021
Publisher: Universidade de Aveiro
Abstract: The Ph.D. research project “Gamification in Middle, Secondary and Higher Education to motivate learners and develop creative thinking” enabled me to introduce Gamification tools in GSS Jain Gurukul Cambridge International residential school, Chennai, India, to conduct Interactive Assessments in teaching. The feasibility study was carried out on the curriculum of Middle and Secondary education with the available technology of the institution, and Gamification tools. A questionnaire one was conducted to identifystudents’ participation, engagement, and self-initiative in learning the module, and the usage of multimedia tools in classroom activities. Questionnaire one and the research study ensured to decide and introduce Gamification tools Kahoot! and Socrative for various classroom activities of GSS Jain Gurukul students. A case study was used as a method in this research. At the end of the academic year questionnaire two was appliedto identifystudents' participation, engagement, motivation, creative thinking, and self-confidence in learning. The results show that almost all students strongly agreed on the above factors and that gamification strongly stimulated their enthusiasm and willingness to use suchtools in their learning.
As avaliações são essenciais para que os alunos avaliem os seus conhecimentos, habilidades, desempenho e criatividade. As avaliações interativas usando tecnologia irão melhorar a aprendizagem dos alunos. O objetivo do estudo é examinar várias avaliações possíveis nas ferramentas de gamificação (Kahoot! and Socrative). Um método de pesquisa quantitativa é realizado neste estudo. Este artigo explica como executar várias avaliações interativas no Kahoot! e Socrative, criar conscientização para os professores relatarem seus assuntos para realizar uma avaliação interativa nas salas de aula é aumentar a participação dos alunos de maneira eficaz e promover suas idéias e criatividade.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.34624/ilcj.v11i1.23770
ISSN: 1647-7308
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