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Title: On the structure of singular points of a solution to Newton’s least resistance problem
Author: Plakhov, Alexander
Keywords: Newton’s problem of least resistance
Convex geometry
Singular points of a convex body
Issue Date: 21-Sep-2022
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: We consider the following problem stated in 1993 by Buttazzo and Kawohl (Math Intell 15:7–12, 1993): minimize the functional ∫∫ Ω(1 + |∇u(x, y)|^2)^{−1}dxdy in the class of concave functions u : Ω → [0,M], where Ω ⊂ ℝ^2 is a convex domain and M >0. It generalizes the classical minimization problem, which was initially stated by I. Newton in 1687 in the more restricted class of radial functions. The problem is not solved until now; there is even nothing known about the structure of singular points of a solution. In this paper we, frst, solve a family of auxiliary 2D least resistance problems and, second, apply the obtained results to study singular points of a solution to our original problem. More precisely, we derive a necessary condition for a point being a ridge singular point of a solution and prove, in particular, that all ridge singular points with horizontal edge lie on the top level and zero level sets.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1007/s10883-022-09616-y
ISSN: 1079-2724
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