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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
15-Dec-2020Spectral inequalities for Kubo-Ando operator meansLemos, Rute; Soares, GraçaarticleopenAccess
21-Jan-2021The H-join of arbitrary families of graphsCardoso, Domingos M.; Gomes, Helena; Pinheiro, Sofia JpreprintopenAccess
20-Dec-2020The main vertices of a star set and related graph parametersAnđelić, Milica; Cardoso, Domingos M.; Simić, Slobodan K.; Stanić, ZoranpreprintopenAccess
24-Jan-2021The degrees of toroidal regular proper hypermapsFernandes, Maria Elisa; Piedade, Claudio AlexandrearticleopenAccess
7-Dec-2020On equivalent representations and properties of faces of the cone of copositive matricesKostyukova, O. I.; Tchemisova, T. V.preprintopenAccess
23-Apr-2020On strong duality in linear copositive programmingKostyukova, O. I.; Tchemisova, T. V.preprintopenAccess
2020Linear semidefinite programming problems: regularisation and strong dual formulationsKostyukova, O. I.; Tchemisova, T. V.articleopenAccess
2020CQ-free optimality conditions and strong dual formulations for a special conic optimization problemKostyukova, Olga; Tchemisova, TatianaarticleopenAccess
Mar-2020Immobile indices and CQ-free optimality criteria for linear copositive programming problemsKostyukova, O. I.; Tchemisova, T. V.; Dudina, O. S.articleopenAccess
4-Dec-2020Spectral properties of the n-Queens' graphsCardoso, Domingos M.; Costa, Inês Serôdio; Duarte, RuipreprintopenAccess
Oct-2020A note on Newton's problem of minimal resistance for convex bodiesPlakhov, AlexanderarticlerestrictedAccess
Mar-2020Optimal impulse control of a SIR epidemicPiunovskiy, Alexey; Plakhov, Alexander; Tumanov, MikhailarticlerestrictedAccess
Apr-2020Heuristics for a vehicle routing problem with information collection in wireless networksFlores-Luyo, Luis; Agra, Agostinho; Figueiredo, Rosa; Ocaña, EladioarticleembargoedAccess
Jun-2020Robust inventory theory with perishable productsSantos, Marcio Costa; Agra, Agostinho; Poss, MichaelarticleembargoedAccess
16-Jan-2021Robust formulations for economic lot-sizing problem with remanufacturingAttila, Öykü Naz; Agra, Agostinho; Akartunalı, Kerem; Arulselvan, AshwinarticleopenAccess
Dec-2020Efficient lower and upper bounds for the weight-constrained minimum spanning tree problem using simple Lagrangian based algorithmsRequejo, Cristina; Santos, EuláliaarticleopenAccess
Dec-2020Temporal constraints and device management for the Skill VRP: mathematical model and lower bounding techniquesCappanera, Paola; Requejo, Cristina; Scutellà, Maria GraziaarticleopenAccess
2-Mar-2020Global solution of the initial value problem for the focusing Davey-Stewartson II systemLakshtanov, Evgeny; Vainberg, BorisarticleopenAccess
Mar-2020Some new aspects of main eigenvalues of graphsAbreu, Nair; Cardoso, Domingos M.; França, Francisca A. M.; Vinagre, Cybele T. M.articleopenAccess
7-Apr-2020Inventory models with reverse logistics for assets acquisition in a liquefied petroleum gas companyLopes, Cristina; Correia, Aldina; Silva, Eliana Costa e; Monteiro, Magda; Lopes, Rui BorgesarticleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 156