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Title: N-confused porphyrin immobilized on solid supports: synthesis and metal ions sensing efficacy
Author: Gamelas, Sara R. D.
Gomes, Ana T. P. C.
Moura, Nuno M. M.
Faustino, Maria A. F.
Cavaleiro, José A. S.
Lodeiro, Carlos
Veríssimo, Marta I. S.
Fernandes, Tiago
Daniel-da-Silva, Ana L.
Gomes, M. Teresa S. R.
Neves, Maria G. P. M. S.
Keywords: N-confused porphyrins
Organic/inorganic hybrids
Metal cations
Aqueous solution
Issue Date: Apr-2018
Publisher: MDPI
Abstract: In this work, the N-confused porphyrin 5,10,15,20-tetraphenyl-2-aza-21-carbaporphyrin (NCTPP) was immobilized on neutral or cationic supports based on silica and on Merrifield resin. The new materials were characterized by appropriate techniques (UV-Vis spectroscopy, SEM, and zeta potential analysis). Piezoelectric quartz crystal gold electrodes were coated with the different hybrids and their ability to interact with heavy metals was evaluated. The preliminary results obtained showed that the new materials can be explored for metal cations detection and the modification of the material surface is a key factor in tuning the metal selectivity.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.3390/molecules23040867
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