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Title: Long-period grating based single-mode fiber to multi-core fiber pump coupler
Author: Sousa, Liliana M.
Facão, Margarida
Fernandes, Gil M.
Nogueira, Rogério N.
Rocha, Ana M.
Keywords: Multi-core fiber
Long-period grating
Spatial division multiplexing
Issue Date: Sep-2020
Publisher: Optical Society of America
Abstract: We theoretically demonstrate a long-period grating (LPG) based single-mode fiber to multi-core fiber coupler. The coupling efficiency achieved was 24% of the input power, evenly distributed by all cores, using LPGs of length 4 cm.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1364/FIO.2020.FTh2E.3
ISBN: 978-1-943580-80-4
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