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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2021Using ML to increase the efficiency of solar energy usage in HVACKilinc, Emre; Fernandes, Sofia; Antunes, Mário; Gomes, Diogo; Aguiar, Rui L.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
Nov-2022Multi-access Edge Computing as a serviceEscaleira, Pedro; Mota, Miguel; Diogo, Gomes; Barraca, João P.; Aguiar, Rui L.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
Nov-2018Reinventing the methodology of initiation to the trumpet's teaching: proposal of an ICT based platformFlora, J.; Silva, N.; Silva, V.; Martins, C.bookPartrestrictedAccess
Sep-2018SheepIT: activity and localization monitoringCardoso, António; Pereira, José; Nóbrega, Luís; Gonçalves, Pedro; Pedreiras, Paulo; Silva, ValterconferenceObjectopenAccess
Sep-2020Long-period grating based single-mode fiber to multi-core fiber pump couplerSousa, Liliana M.; Facão, Margarida; Fernandes, Gil M.; Nogueira, Rogério N.; Rocha, Ana M.conferenceObjectembargoedAccess
Jul-2020DSP optimization for simplified coherent receiversMuga, Nelson J.; Patel, Romil K.; Alimi, Isiaka A.; Silva, Nuno A.; Pinto, Armando N.conferenceObjectembargoedAccess
Jul-2018Optical and digital key enabling techniques for SDM-based optical networksMuga, N. J.; Fernandes, G. M.; Lima, Mário J. N.; Pinto, A. N.; André, P. S.; Facão, M.; Rocha, A. M.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Jun-2019Analysis of the coupling between a single-mode fiber to a multi-core fiber with long-period gratingsSousa, Liliana; Fernandes, Gil M.; Facão, Margarida; Nogueira, Rogério N.; Rocha, Ana M.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2018On real time optical wireless communication channel emulator design with FPGAsRodrigues, Luís; Duarte, Luis; Pandeirada, João; Alves, Luis NeroconferenceObjectopenAccess
24-Sep-2018Implementation of an OWC channel emulator in FPGARodrigues, Luís; Duarte, Luís; Pandeirada, João; Alves, Luis Nero; Dobesch, Ales; Janik, Lukas; Novak, Marek; Wilfert, OtakarbookPartrestrictedAccess
24-Sep-2018On the usage of machine learning techniques to improve position accuracy in visible light positioning systemsGradim, André; Pedro Nicolau Fonseca; Alves, Luis Nero; Mohamed, Reem E.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
20-Jul-2020Exploring the design space of relaying neurons for OWC networks at the nanoscalePandeirada, João; Alves, Luis Nero; Ghassemlooy, ZabihconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2020Blockchain Technologies for IoT Applications: Use-cases and LimitationsVieira, Emanuel; Ferreira, Joaquim; Bartolomeu, Paulo C.articlerestrictedAccess
2020IOTApass: Enabling Public Transport Payments with IOTAVieira, Emanuel; Bartolomeu, Paulo C.; Hosseini, Seyed M.; Ferreira, JoaquimarticlerestrictedAccess
2020TRUST: Transportation and Road Monitoring System for Ubiquitous Real-Time Information ServicesAlmeida, João Miguel Pereira; Rufino, João; Cardoso, Francisco; Gomes, Miguel; Ferreira, JoaquimarticlerestrictedAccess
2019Self-Sovereign Identity: Use-cases, Technologies, and Challenges for Industrial IoTBartolomeu, Paulo C.; Vieira, Emanuel; Hosseini, Seyed M.; Ferreira, JoaquimarticlerestrictedAccess
2019Enabling Proof-of-Work for Low-End IoT DevicesBartolomeu, Paulo C.; Vieira, Emanuel; Ferreira, JoaquimarticlerestrictedAccess
2019Overhead of V2X Secured Messages: An AnalysisRufino, João; Silva, Luís Emanuel; Fernandes, Bruno; Almeida, João Miguel Pereira; Ferreira, JoaquimarticlerestrictedAccess
2020A Novel MAC Scheme for Reliable Safety Messages Dissemination in Vehicular NetworksAlam, Muhammad; Rufino, João; Wong, Kok-Hoe; Ferreira, JoaquimarticlerestrictedAccess
2018Empowering Vulnerable Road Users in C-ITSRufino, João; Silva, Luís Emanuel; Fernandes, Bruno; Almeida, João Miguel Pereira; Ferreira, JoaquimarticlerestrictedAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 105