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Título: The landscape of lexicography
Autor: Villalva, Alina
Williams, Geoffrey
Palavras-chave: Lexicography
Colour names
Data: 2019
Editora: Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa; Centro de Línguas, Literaturas e Culturas da Universidade de Aveiro
Resumo: This book consists of a series of papers that look at three different aspects of the landscape as seen in dictionaries from across Europe. Multilingual diachronic case studies into lexicographical descriptions of fora, landscape features and colours concentrate on three supposedly simple words: daisies (Bellis perenis L.), hills and the colour red. The work is part of the ongoing LandLex initiative, originally developed as part of the COST ENeL - European Network for e-Lexicography - action. The group brings together researchers in lexicography and lexicology from across Europe and is dedicated to studying multilingual and diachronic issues in language. It aims to valorise the wealth of European language diversity as found in dictionaries by developing and testing new digital annotation tools and a historical morphological dictionary prototype.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/26517
ISBN: 978-989-986-665-2
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