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2015Assessment and topographic characterization of locoregional recurrences in head and neck tumoursFerreira, Brigida Costa; Marques, Rui Vale; Khouri, Leila; Santos, Tânia; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Lopes, Maria do CarmoarticleopenAccess
Mar-2015Portuguese nurses’ knowledge of and attitudes toward hospitalized older adultsTavares, João Paulo de Almeida; Silva, Alcione Leite da; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Boltz, Marie; Capezuti, ElizabetharticlerestrictedAccess
2015Goal setting for cerebral palsy children in context therapy: improve reliability when linking to ICFAlvarelhão, Joaquim; Queirós, Alexandra; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Rocha, Nelson PachecoarticleopenAccess
2015Self-reported disability: association with lower extremity performance and other determinants in older adults attending primary careSilva, Anabela Gonçalves; Queirós, Alexandra; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Rocha, Nelson PachecoarticlerestrictedAccess
2015Independência funcional de pessoas idosas com perturbações mentais: um estudo num serviço de psicogeriatria em PortugalBrandão, Maria Piedade; Gonçalves, Joana; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Sousa, LilianaarticleopenAccess
2015Women’s experiences of low back pain during pregnancyMota, Maria João; Cardoso, Mirtha; Carvalho, Andreia; Marques, Alda; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Demain, SaraarticleopenAccess
2015Cluster analysis in phenotyping a Portuguese populationLoureiro, Cláudia Chaves; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Todo-Bom, Ana; Bousquet, JeanarticlerestrictedAccess
2018Prevalence of frailty in primary care: the influence of different hand grip strength cut-offsTavares, João Paulo; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Machado, InêsconferenceObjectopenAccess
24-Jan-2018The influence of presurgical factors on the rehabilitation outcome of patients following hip arthroplastySimões, João Lindo; Soares, Soraia; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Lopes, Carla; Magina, Daniela; Melo, Elsa; Voegeli, David; Bolhão, IsabelarticlerestrictedAccess
May-2018Identification of frailty condition of elderly people in the communityMachado, Inês; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Tavares, JoãoconferenceObjectopenAccess
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