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Title: Cluster analysis in phenotyping a Portuguese population
Author: Loureiro, Cláudia Chaves
Sá-Couto, Pedro
Todo-Bom, Ana
Bousquet, Jean
Keywords: Asthma
Cluster analysis
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: Background: Unbiased cluster analysis using clinical parameters has identified asthma pheno- types. Adding inflammatory biomarkers to this analysis provided a better insight into the disease mechanisms. This approach has not yet been applied to asthmatic Portuguese patients. Aim: To identify phenotypes of asthma using cluster analysis in a Portuguese asthmatic popu- lation treated in secondary medical care. Methods: Consecutive patients with asthma were recruited from the outpatient clinic. Patients were optimally treated according to GINA guidelines and enrolled in the study. Procedures were performed according to a standard evaluation of asthma. Phenotypes were identified by cluster analysis using Ward’s clustering method. Results: Of the 72 patients enrolled, 57 had full data and were included for cluster analysis. Distribution was set in 5 clusters described as follows: cluster (C) 1, early onset mild aller- gic asthma; C2, moderate allergic asthma, with long evolution, female prevalence and mixed inflammation; C3, allergic brittle asthma in young females with early disease onset and no evidence of inflammation; C4, severe asthma in obese females with late disease onset, highly symptomatic despite low Th2 inflammation; C5, severe asthma with chronic airflow obstruction, late disease onset and eosinophilic inflammation. Conclusions: In our study population, the identified clusters were mainly coincident with other larger-scale cluster analysis. Variables such as age at disease onset, obesity, lung function, FeNO (Th2 biomarker) and disease severity were important for cluster distinction.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1016/j.rppnen.2015.07.006
ISSN: 0873-2159
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