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Title: Assessment and topographic characterization of locoregional recurrences in head and neck tumours
Author: Ferreira, Brigida Costa
Marques, Rui Vale
Khouri, Leila
Santos, Tânia
Sá-Couto, Pedro
Lopes, Maria do Carmo
Keywords: Head and neck tumours
Radiation therapy
Characterization of tumour recurrences
Geometric methods
Dosimetric assessment
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BioMed Central
Abstract: Purpose: To evaluate the differences between three methods of classification of recurrences in patients with head and neck tumours treated with Radiation Therapy (RT). Materials and methods: 367 patients with head and neck tumours were included in the study. Tumour recurrences were delineated in the CT images taken during patient follow-up and deformable registration was used to transfer this volume into the planning CT. The methods used to classify recurrences were: methodCTV quantified the intersection volume between the recurrence and the Clinical Target Volume (CTV); methodTV quantified the intersection between the Treated Volume and the recurrence (for method CTV and TV, recurrences were classified in-field if more than 95% of their volume were inside the volume of interest, marginal if the intersection was between 20-95% and outfield otherwise); and methodCOM was based on the position of the Centre Of Mass of the recurrence. A dose assessment in the recurrence volume was also made. Results: The 2-year Kaplan-Meier locoregional recurrence incidence was 10%. Tumour recurrences occurred in 22 patients in a mean time of 16.5 ± 9.4 months resulting in 28 recurrence volumes. The percentage of in-field recurrences for methods CTV, TV and COM was 7%, 43% and 50%, respectively. Agreement between the three methods in characterizing individually in-field and marginal recurrences was found only in six cases. Methods CTV and COM agreed in 14. The percentage of outfield recurrences was 29% using all methods. For local recurrences (in-field or marginal to gross disease) the average difference between the prescribed dose and D 98% in the recurrence volume was -5.2 ± 3.5% (range: -10.1%-0.9%). Conclusions: The classification of in-field and marginal recurrences is very dependent on the method used to characterize recurrences. Using methods TV and COM the largest percentage of tumour recurrences occurred in-field in tissues irradiated with high doses. Keywords: Head and neck tumours, Radiation therapy, Characterization of tumour recurrences, Geometric methods, Dosimetric assessment
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1186/s13014-015-0345-4
ISSN: 1748-717X
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