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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2014Insular species swarm goes underground: two new troglobiont Cylindroiulus millipedes from Madeira (Diplopoda: Julidae)Reboleira, Ana Sofia P. S.; Enghoff, HenrikarticlerestrictedAccess
Apr-2011Diversity in UV sensitivity and recovery potential among bacterioneuston and bacterioplankton isolatesSantos, A. L.; Lopes, S.; Baptista, I.; Henriques, I.; Gomes, N. C. M.; Almeida, A.; Correia, A.; Cunha, A.articleopenAccess
2013Effectiveness of habitat management in the recovery of low-density populations of wild rabbitGodinho, Sérgio; Mestre, Frederico; Ferreira, Joaquim P.; Machado, Rui; Santos, PedroarticlerestrictedAccess
2016Ecology, distribution, habitat segregation and tidal migration of green Carnicus maenas in Ria de Aveiro, PortugalLadeira, Carolina NunesmasterThesisopenAccess
2015Climate change impact assessment on water inflow to a coastal lagoon: the Ria de Aveiro watershed, PortugalStefanova, Anastassi; Krysanova, Valentina; Hesse, Cornelia; Lillebo, Ana IsabelarticlerestrictedAccess
2014Red and roe deer densities and distribution in Northeastern PortugalValente, Ana Margarida dos SantosmasterThesisopenAccess
2013Diversity and activity of bats in the mosaic of Baixo Vouga LagunarMendes, Eduardo da SilvamasterThesisopenAccess
2014Sireuma, a new genus of subterranean millipedes from the Iberian Peninsula (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Opisthocheiridae)Reboleira, Ana Sofia P. S.; Enghoff, HenrikarticlerestrictedAccess
2013Age and growth in three populations of Dosinia exoleta (Bivalvia: Veneridae) from the Portuguese coastMoura, Paula; Vasconcelos, Paulo; Gaspar, Miguel B.articlerestrictedAccess
2013Acute toxicity of copper sulfate and potassium dichromate on stygobiont proasellus: general aspects of groundwater ecotoxicology and future perspectivesReboleira, Ana Sofia P. S.; Abrantes, Nelson; Oromí, Pedro; Gonçalves, FernandoarticlerestrictedAccess
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