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2019Lethal and sublethal toxicity assessment of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis and Beauveria bassiana based bioinsecticides to the aquatic insect Chironomus ripariusBordalo, Maria D.; Gravato, Carlos; Campos, Diana; Beleza, Sónia; Lopes, Isabel; Pestana, João L. T.articlerestrictedAccess
14-Feb-2019Improved germination efficiency of Salicornia ramosissima seeds inoculated with Bacillus aryabhattai SP1016‐20Figueira, Carolina; Ferreira, Maria João; Silva, Helena; Cunha, ÂngelaarticlerestrictedAccess
Aug-2019Siderophore-producing rhizobacteria as a promising tool for empowering plants to cope with iron limitation in saline soils: a reviewFerreira, Maria J.; Silva, Helena; Cunha, ÂngelaarticleembargoedAccess
2019Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) from the Iberian Peninsula dated to the Chalcolithic period: a genomic approachBlaschikoff, Ludmilla PaixãomasterThesisopenAccess
2019Radium-223 in metastatic prostate cancer: effects on metastasis microenvironmentTavares, Nuno Tiago FidalgomasterThesisopenAccess
2019Sobrevivência de bactérias lácticas presentes em iogurtes e outros alimentos fermentados após o processo de digestão humanaSantos, Márcia Alexandra BatistaarticleopenAccess
2019The Portuguese continental shelf habitats north of Nazaré canyon : characterization, modelling and mappingMamede, Renato José BrazarticleembargoedAccess
2019Parasite cross-transmission between the Iberian wolf and wild ungulate preyFigueiredo, Ana Manuel BastosmasterThesisrestrictedAccess
2019Assessment of the effects of abiotic factors related to climate change on larval stages of Pelophylax pereziMatos, Ana Beatriz Moura RodriguesmasterThesisopenAccess
2019Effects of the gall midge Baldratia salicorniae infestation on Salicornia ramosissimaRebelo, João Carlos RodriguesmasterThesisrestrictedAccess
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