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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2015Carrageenan-grafted magnetite nanoparticles as recyclable sorbents for dye removalDaniel-da-Silva, Ana L.; Salgueiro, Ana M.; Creaney, Bianca; Oliveira-Silva, Rui; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Trindade, TitoarticlerestrictedAccess
2015Cobalt aluminate nanoparticles supported on MIL-101 structure: catalytic performance investigationGranadeiro, Carlos M.; Karmaoui, Mohamed; Correia, Eva; Juliao, Diana; Amaral, Vitor S.; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Cunha-Silva, Luis; Balula, Salete S.articleopenAccess
2014Cobalt(II)-pyrazine-chloride coordination polymers: synthesis, reactivity and magnetic propertiesde Campos, Elvio Antonio; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Shi, Fa-Nian; Rocha, JoaoarticlerestrictedAccess
2015Contact angles and wettability of ionic liquids on polar and non-polar surfacesPereira, Matheus M.; Kurnia, Kiki A.; Sousa, Filipa L.; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Lopes-da-Silva, Jose A.; Coutinhoa, Joao A. P.; Freire, Mara G.articlerestrictedAccess
2013Efficient sorbents based on magnetite coated with siliceous hybrid shells for removal of mercury ionsTavares, Daniela S.; Daniel-da-Silva, Ana L.; Lopes, Claudia B.; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Amaral, Vitor S.; Rocha, Joao; Pereira, Eduarda; Trindade, TitoarticlerestrictedAccess
2016Implementing Thermometry on Silicon Surfaces Functionalized by Lanthanide-Doped Self-Assembled Polymer MonolayersRodrigues, Mafalda; Pinol, Rafael; Antorrena, Guillermo; Brites, Carlos D. S.; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Luis Murillo, Jose; Cases, Rafael; Diez, Isabel; Palacio, Fernando; Torras, Nuria; Antonio Plaza, Jose; Perez-Garcia, Lluisa; Carlos, Luis D.; Millan, AngelarticlerestrictedAccess
2016Influence of the surface termination on the light emission of crystalline silicon nanoparticlesBotas, Alexandre M. P.; Anthony, Rebecca J.; Wu, Jeslin; Rowe, David J.; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Kortshagen, Uwe; Pereira, Rui N.; Ferreira, Rute A. S.articlerestrictedAccess
2015Joining Time-Resolved Thermometry and Magnetic-Induced Heating in a Single Nanoparticle Unveils Intriguing Thermal PropertiesPinol, Rafael; Brites, Carlos D. S.; Bustamante, Rodney; Martinez, Abelardo; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Murillo, Jose L.; Cases, Rafael; Carrey, Julian; Estepa, Carlos; Sosa, Cecilia; Palacio, Fernando; Carlos, Luis D.; Millan, AngelarticlerestrictedAccess
2013Magnetically responsive dry fluidsSousa, Filipa L.; Bustamante, Rodney; Millan, Angel; Palacio, Fernando; Trindade, Tito; Silva, Nuno J. O.articlerestrictedAccess
2013Metal-Organic Frameworks Assembled From Erbium Tetramers and 2,5-Pyridinedicarboxylic AcidSilva, Patricia; Cunha-Silva, Luis; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Rocha, Joao; Almeida Paz, Filipe A.articlerestrictedAccess
May-2011Mixed-metal d-f phosphonate frameworks: photoluminescence and magnetic propertiesRocha, Joao; Paz, Filipe A. Almeida; Shi, Fa-Nian; Ananias, Duarte; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Carlos, Luis D.; Trindade, TitoarticlerestrictedAccess
2014Multifunctional micro-and nanosized metalorganic frameworks assembled from bisphosphonates and lanthanidesVilela, Sergio M. F.; Ananias, Duarte; Fernandes, Jose A.; Silva, Patricia; Gomes, Ana C.; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Rodrigues, Marcelo O.; Tome, Joao P. C.; Valente, Anabela A.; Ribeiro-Claro, Paulo; Carlos, Luis D.; Rocha, Joao; Paz, Filipe A. AlmeidaarticlerestrictedAccess
2016Nano-Localized Thermal Analysis and Mapping of Surface and Sub-Surface Thermal Properties Using Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM)Pereira, Maria J.; Amaral, Joao S.; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Amaral, Vitor S.articlerestrictedAccess
2013Organic-Inorganic Eu3+/Tb3+ codoped hybrid films for temperature mapping in integrated circuitsBrites, Carlos D. S.; Lima, Patricia P.; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Millan, Angel; Amaral, Vitor S.; Palacio, Fernando; Carlos, Luis D.articleopenAccess
2013Ratiometric highly sensitive luminescent nanothermometers working in the room temperature range. Applications to heat propagation in nanofluidsBrites, Carlos D. S.; Lima, Patricia P.; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Millan, Angel; Amaral, Vitor S.; Palacio, Fernando; Carlos, Luis D.articlerestrictedAccess
2013Synthesis of cobalt aluminate nanopigments by a non-aqueous sol-gel routeKarmaoui, Mohamed; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Amaral, Vitor S.; Ibarra, Alfonso; Millan, Angel; Palacio, FernandoarticlerestrictedAccess