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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
15-Feb-2019Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nanostructured cellulose membranes loaded with phenolic-based ionic liquids for cutaneous applicationMorais, Eduarda S.; Silva, Nuno H. C. S.; Sintra, Tânia E.; Santos, Sónia A. O.; Neves, Bruno Miguel; Almeida, Isabel F.; Costa, Paulo C.; Correia-Sá, Inês; Ventura, Sónia P. M.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Freire, Mara G.; Freire, Carmen S. R.articleopenAccess
Oct-2016Bioprospecting for lipophilic-like components of five Phaeophyta macroalgae from the Portuguese coastSantos, Sónia A. O.; Oliveira, Cátia S. D.; Trindade, Stéphanie S.; Abreu, Maria H.; Rocha, Sílvia S. M.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.articlerestrictedAccess
2011Characterization of Phenolic Components in Polar Extracts of Eucalyptus globulus Labill. Bark by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass SpectrometrySantos, Sónia A. O.; Freire, Carmen S. R.; Domingues, M. Rosário M.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Neto, Carlos PascoalarticlerestrictedAccess
Jan-2022Chemical characterisation, antioxidant and antibacterial activities of Pinus pinaster Ait. and Pinus pinea L. bark polar extracts: prospecting Forestry by-products as renewable sources of bioactive compoundsRamos, Patrícia A. B.; Pereira, Carla; Gomes, Ana Peixoto; Neto, Rodrigo T.; Almeida, Adelaide; Santos, Sónia A. O.; Silva, Artur M. S.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.articleopenAccess
2022Chemical Profile of Lipophilic Fractions of Different Parts of Zizyphus lotus L. by GC-MS and Evaluation of Their Antiproliferative and Antibacterial ActivitiesZazouli, S.; Chigr, Mohammed; Ramos, P. A. B.; Rosa, D.; Castro, M. M.; Jouaiti, A.; Duarte, M. F.; Santos, Sónia A. O.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.articleopenAccess
15-Feb-2020Conductive polysaccharides-based proton-exchange membranes for fuel cell applications: the case of bacterial cellulose and fucoidanVilela, Carla; Silva, Ana C. Q.; Domingues, Eddy M.; Gonçalves, Gil; Martins, Manuel A.; Figueiredo, Filipe M. L.; Santos, Sónia A. O.; Freire, Carmen S. R.articleopenAccess
2012Formation of oligomeric alkenylperoxides during the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids: an electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry studyVillaverde, Juan José; Santos, Sónia A. O.; Maciel, Elisabete; Simões, Mário M. Q.; Pascoal Neto, Carlos; Domingues, M. Rosário M.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.articlerestrictedAccess
Jan-2022Impact of eutectic solvents utilization in the microwave assisted extraction of proanthocyanidins from grape pomaceNeto, Rodrigo T.; Santos, Sónia A. O.; Oliveira, Joana; Silvestre, Armando J. D.articleopenAccess
Oct-2022Lipophilic Compounds and Antibacterial Activity of Opuntia ficus-indica Root Extracts from AlgeriaBenramdane, Elias; Chougui, Nadia; Ramos, Patrícia A. B.; Makhloufi, Nawal; Tamendjari, Abderezak; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Santos, Sónia A. O.articleopenAccess
2012Phenolic composition and antioxidant activity of Eucalyptus grandis, E. urograndis (E. grandis x E. urophylla) and E. maidenii bark extractsSantos, Sónia A. O.; Villaverde, Juan José; Freire, Carmen S. R.; Domingues, M. Rosário M.; Neto, Carlos Pascoal; Silvestre, Armando J. D.articlerestrictedAccess
2012Phenolic profile of Sercial and Tinta Negra Vitis vinifera L. grape skins by HPLC-DAD-ESI-MSn: Novel phenolic compounds in Vitis vinifera L. grapePerestrelo, Rosa; Lu, Ying; Santos, Sónia A. O.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Neto, Carlos P.; Câmara, José S.; Rocha, Sílvia M.articlerestrictedAccess
Jan-2022Sustainable Valorization of Sambucus nigra L. Berries: From Crop Biodiversity to Nutritional Value of Juice and PomaceCosta, Carina Pedrosa; Patinha, Samuel; Rudnitskaya, Alisa; Santos, Sónia A. O.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Rocha, Sílvia M.articleopenAccess