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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2018Comparison of bacterial communities associated with Xestospongia testudinaria, sediment and seawater in a Singaporean coral reef ecosystemPires, A. C. C.; Cleary, D. F. R.; Polónia, A. R. M.; Lim, S. C.; De Voogd, N. J.; Oliveira, V.; Gomes, N. C. M.articlerestrictedAccess
2010Conteúdo em flavonóides e fenóis totais e actividade antioxidante de extractos de lúpulo obtidos sob alta pressãoMelo, M. N.; Costa, D. D.; Santos, M. C.; Oliveira, V.; Saraiva, J. A.; Cunha, Â.; Almeida, A.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2015Door-to-Door Collection of Food and Kitchen Waste in City Centers Under the Framework of Multimunicipal Waste Management Systems in Portugal: The Case Study of AveiroRodrigues, J.; Oliveira, V.; Lopes, P.; Dias-Ferreira, C.articlerestrictedAccess
2012Effects of UV-B radiation on the structural and physiological diversity of bacterioneuston and bacterioplanktonSantos, A. L.; Oliveira, V.; Baptista, I.; Henriques, I.; Gomes, N. C. M.; Almeida, A.; Correia, A.; Cunha, A.articleopenAccess
2015Hospital food waste and environmental and economic indicators - A Portuguese case studyDias-Ferreira, C.; Santos, T.; Oliveira, V.articlerestrictedAccess
2012Impact of sampling depth and plant species on local environmental conditions, microbiological parameters and bacterial composition in a mercury contaminated salt marshCleary, D. F. R.; Oliveira, V.; Gomes, N. C. M.; Pereira, A.; Henriques, I.; Marques, B.; Almeida, A.; Cunha, A.; Correia, A.; Lillebo, A. I.articlerestrictedAccess
2012Prokaryotes in salt marsh sediments of Ria de Aveiro: Effects of halophyte vegetation on abundance and diversityOliveira, V.; Santos, A. L.; Aguiar, C.; Santos, L.; Salvador, A. C.; Gomes, N. C. M.; Silva, H.; Rocha, S. M.; Almeida, A.; Cunha, A.articlerestrictedAccess
2016Valorisation of Phosphorus Extracted from Dairy Cattle Slurry and Municipal Solid Wastes Digestates as a FertilizerOliveira, V.; Ottosen, L. M.; Labrincha, J.; Dias-Ferreira, C.articlerestrictedAccess