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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
23-Feb-2022Evaluation of the genetic risk for COVID-19 outcomes in COPD and differences among worldwide populationsMarçalo, Rui; Neto, Sonya; Pinheiro, Miguel; Rodrigues, Ana J.; Sousa, Nuno; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Simão, Paula; Valente, Carla; Andrade, Lília; Marques, Alda; Moura, Gabriela R.articleopenAccess
4-Jun-2009Evolution of pathogenicity and sexual reproduction in eight Candida genomesButler, Geraldine; Rasmussen, Matthew D.; Lin, Michael F.; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Sakthikumar, Sharadha; Munro, Carol A.; Rheinbay, Esther; Grabherr, Manfred; Forche, Anja; Reedy, Jennifer L.; Agrafioti, Ino; Arnaud, Martha B.; Bates, Steven; Brown, Alistair J. P.; Brunke, Sascha; Costanzo, Maria C.; Fitzpatrick, David A.; Groot, Piet W. J. de; Harris, David; Hoyer, Lois L.; Hube, Bernhard; Klis, Frans M.; Kodira, Chinnappa; Lennard, Nicola; Logue, Mary E.; Martin, Ronny; Neiman, Aaron M.; Nikolaou, Elissavet; Quail, Michael A.; Quinn, Janet; Santos, Maria C.; Schmitzberger, Florian F.; Sherlock, Gavin; Shah, Prachi; Silverstein, Kevin A. T.; Skrzypek, Marek S.; Soll, David; Staggs, Rodney; Stansfield, Ian; Stumpf, Michael P. H.; Sudbery, Peter E.; Srikantha, Thyagarajan; Zeng, Qiandong; Berman, Judith; Berriman, Matthew; Heitman, Joseph; Gow, Neil A. R.; Lorenz, Michael C; Birren, Bruce W.; Kellis, Manolis; Cuomo, Christina A.articleopenAccess
2011Expression variability of co-regulated genes differentiates Saccharomyces cerevisiae strainsCarreto, Laura; Eiriz, Maria F.; Domingues, Inês; Schuller, Dorit; Moura, Gabriela R.; Santos, Manuel A. S.articleopenAccess
Apr-2018A fluorescence based sensor assay that monitors general protein aggregation in human cellsPereira, Marisa; Tomé, Diogo; Domingues, Ana S.; Varanda, Ana S.; Paulo, Cristiana; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Soares, Ana R.articleopenAccess
2007A genetic code alteration generates a proteome of high diversity in the human pathogen Candida albicansGomes, Ana C.; Miranda, Isabel; Silva, Raquel M.; Moura, Gabriela R.; Thomas, Benjamin; Akoulitchev, Alexandre; Santos, Manuel A. S.articleopenAccess
3-Oct-2007A genetic code alteration is a phenotype diversity generator in the human pathogen Candida albicansMiranda, Isabel; Rocha, Rita; Santos, Maria C.; Mateus, Denisa D.; Moura, Gabriela R.; Carreto, Laura; Santos, Manuel A. S.articleopenAccess
Dec-2009Genetic code ambiguity: an unexpected source of proteome innovation and phenotypic diversityMoura, Gabriela R.; Carreto, Laura C.; Santos, Manuel A. S.articlerestrictedAccess
2012Genetic diversity and population structure of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains isolated from different grape varieties and winemaking regionsSchuller, Dorit; Cardoso, Filipa; Sousa, Susana; Gomes, Paula; Gomes, Ana C.; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Casal, MargaridaarticleopenAccess
2011Genotyping of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains by interdelta sequence typing using automated microfluidicsFranco-Duarte, Ricardo; Mendes, Inês; Gomes, Ana Catarina; Santos, Manuel A. S.; de Sousa, Bruno; Schuller, DoritarticlerestrictedAccess
23-Jan-2018Guanabenz inhibits TLR9 signaling through a pathway that is independent of eIF2α dephosphorylation by the GADD34/PP1c complexPerego, Jessica; Mendes, Andreia; Bourbon, Clarisse; Camosseto, Voahirana; Combes, Alexis; Hong Liu; Manh, Thien-Phong Vu; Dalet, Alexandre; Chasson, Lionel; Spinelli, Lionel; Bardin, Nathalie; Chiche, Laurent; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Gatti, Evelina; Pierre, PhilippearticleopenAccess
2020Human cells adapt to translational errors by modulating protein synthesis rate and protein turnoverVaranda, Ana Sofia; Santos, Mafalda; Soares, Ana R.; Vitorino, Rui; Oliveira, Patrícia; Oliveira, Carla; Santos, Manuel A. S.articlerestrictedAccess
Dec-2018Impact of tRNA modifications and tRNA-modifying enzymes on proteostasis and human diseasePereira, Marisa; Francisco, Stephany; Varanda, Ana Sofia; Santos, Mafalda; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Soares, Ana RaquelarticleopenAccess
2014In vitro ischemia triggers a transcriptional response to down-regulate synaptic proteins in hippocampal neuronsFernandes, Joana; Vieira, Marta; Carreto, Laura; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Duarte, Carlos B.; Carvalho, Ana Luísa; Santos, Armanda E.articleopenAccess
2015Intrastrain genomic and phenotypic variability of the commercial Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain Zymaflore VL1 reveals microevolutionary adaptation to vineyard environmentsFranco-Duarte, Ricardo; Bigey, Frédéric; Carreto, Laura; Mendes, Inês; Dequin, Sylvie; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Pais, Célia; Schuller, DoritarticlerestrictedAccess
Sep-2012Lack of microRNA-101 causes E-cadherin functional deregulation through EZH2 up-regulation in intestinal gastric cancerCarvalho, Joana; van Grieken, Nicole C.; Pereira, Patrícia M.; Sousa, Sónia; Tijssen, Marianne; Buffart, Tineke E.; Diosdado, Begoña; Grabsch, Heike; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Meijer, Gerrit; Seruca, Raquel; Carvalho, Beatriz; Oliveira, CarlaarticlerestrictedAccess
5-Sep-2007Large scale comparative codon-pair context analysis unveils general rules that fine-tune evolution of mRNA primary structureMoura, Gabriela; Pinheiro, Miguel; Arrais, Joel; Gomes, Ana Cristina; Carreto, Laura; Freitas, Adelaide; Oliveira, José L.; Santos, Manuel A. S.articleopenAccess
21-Jan-2010Low Complexity Regions behave as tRNA sponges to help co-translational folding of plasmodial proteinsFrugier, Magali; Bour, Tania; Ayach, Maya; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Rudinger-Thirion, Joëlle; Théobald-Dietrich, Anne; Pizzi, ElizabettaarticlerestrictedAccess
20-Jun-2012Low level genome mistranslations deregulate the transcriptome and translatome and generate proteotoxic stress in yeastParedes, João A.; Carreto, Laura; Simões, João; Bezerra, Ana R.; Gomes, Ana C.; Santamaria, Rodrigo; Kapushesky, Misha; Moura, Gabriela R.; Santos, Manuel A. S.articleopenAccess
26-Jul-2010MicroRNA expression variability in human cervical tissuesPereira, Patrícia M.; Marques, João Paulo; Soares, Ana R.; Carreto, Laura; Santos, Manuel A. S.articleopenAccess
19-Mar-2019MicroRNA-186-5p controls GluA2 surface expression and synaptic scaling in hippocampal neuronsSilva, Mariline M.; Rodrigues, Beatriz; Fernandes, Joana; Santos, Sandra D.; Carreto, Laura; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Pinheiro, Paulo; Carvalho, Ana LuísaarticleopenAccess