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Title: Lecanora sorediomarginata, a new epiphytic lichen species discovered along the Portuguese coast
Author: Rodrigues, SA
Terron-Alfonso, A
Elix, JA
Perez-Ortega, S
Tonsberg, T
Fernandez-Salegui, AB
Soares, AMVM
Keywords: ITS rDNA
Pine forests
Sand dunes
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2011
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Abstract: Lecanora sorediomarginata Rodrigues, Terron & Elix sp. nov., described as new to science from Portugal, is characterized morphologically by a crustose whitish-grey to greenish thallus developing soralia from small, marginal warts and chemically by the presence of 3,5-dichloro-2'-O-methylnorstenosporic acid [major], 3,5-dichloro-2'-O-methylanziaic acid [minor], 3,5-dichloro-2'-O-methylnordivaricatic acid [minor], 5-chloro-2'-O-methylanziaic acid [trace], atranorin [minor], chloroatranorin [minor], and usnic acid [trace]. It is chemically similar to L. lividocinerea, to which it shows phylogenetic affinities based on ITS rDNA sequence analysis, and to L. sulphurella. Lecanora sorediomarginata is epiphytic on Pious pinaster and P. pinea, in pine forests on sand dunes along the Portuguese coast.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1017/S002428291000071X
ISSN: 0024-2829
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