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Title: Performance and analysis of pre-filtering techniques for MISO downlink TDD MC-CDMA systems
Author: Silva, Adão
Gameiro, Atílio
Keywords: Antennas
Computational complexity
Constraint theory
Power transmission
Signal filtering and prediction
Turbo codes
Channel distortions
Mobile terminal (MT)
Multiple access interference (MAI)
Uncoded data
Code division multiple access
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: IEEE
Abstract: In this paper we consider and compare several strategies that can be employed to constrain the transmit power at base station (BS) and compare the performance of the different space-frequency pre-filtering techniques that have been proposed recently for DL MC-CDMA systems. We consider the use of antenna arrays at the base station and a single antenna at the mobile terminal (MT). These schemes format the transmitted signals to eliminate the effects of multiple access interference (MAI) and channel distortions at the mobile terminals, while maintaining low MT complexity. The performance of the different pre-filtering schemes is evaluated, considering both uncoded data and channel turbo coding based on UMTS specifications. © 2006 IEEE.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 0-7803-9391-0
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