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2014Insular species swarm goes underground: two new troglobiont Cylindroiulus millipedes from Madeira (Diplopoda: Julidae)Reboleira, Ana Sofia P. S.; Enghoff, HenrikarticlerestrictedAccess
Mar-2012Sedimentary and geochemical characterization and provenance of the Portuguese continental shelf soft-bottom sedimentsMartins, R.; Azevedo, M.R.; Mamede, R.; Sousa, B.; Freitas, R.; Rocha, F.; Quintino, V.; Rodrigues, A.M.articlerestrictedAccess
2014Life cycle assessment of broiler chicken production: a portuguese case studyGonzález-García, Sara; Gomez-Fernández, Zaira; Dias, Ana Cláudia; Feijoo, Gumersindo; Moreira, Ma Teresa; Arroja, LuisarticlerestrictedAccess
Jul-2015Early diagenesis and clay mineral adsorption as driving factors of metal pollution in sediments: the case of Aveiro Lagoon (Portugal)Martins, V. A.; Mane, M. A.; Frontalini, F.; Santos, J. F.; Silva, F. S.; Terroso, D.; Miranda, P.; Figueira, R.; Laut, L. M.; Bernardes, C.; Mendonça Filho, J. G.; Coccioni, R.; Dias, J. A.; Rocha, F.articlerestrictedAccess
2010The circatidal rhythm of the estuarine gastropod Hydrobia ulvae (Gastropoda: Hydrobiidae)Vieira, S.; Coelho, H.; Nolasco, R.; Serôdio, J.; Barnes, R.; Queiroga, HenriquearticlerestrictedAccess
2002Spatial and temporal organization of a coastal lagoon fish community: Ria de Aveiro, PortugalPombo, L.; Rebelo, J. E.articleopenAccess
26-Jun-2013Water resources and spatial planning systems in Portugal: using Ria de Aveiro as a model to explore better synergiesFidélis, Teresa; Roebeling, PeterconferenceObjectopenAccess
2014Comparison of reanalyzed, analyzed, satellite-retrieved and NWP modelled winds with buoy data along the Iberian Peninsula coastCarvalho, D.; Rocha, A.; Gómez-Gesteira, M.; Silva Santos, C.articlerestrictedAccess
2013Effectiveness of habitat management in the recovery of low-density populations of wild rabbitGodinho, Sérgio; Mestre, Frederico; Ferreira, Joaquim P.; Machado, Rui; Santos, PedroarticlerestrictedAccess
2013Environmental life cycle assessment of a dairy product: the yoghurtGonzález-García, Sara; Castanheira, Érica G.; Dias, Ana Cláudia; Arroja, LuísarticlerestrictedAccess
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