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dc.contributor.authorBaptista, Maria Manuelpt_PT
dc.contributor.authorBarbosa Jr, Francisco Welligtonpt_PT
dc.description.abstractThis book was born out of a dream: to network together a set of higher education institutions that, in several countries of the world, have long been working together on topics related to culture, both in the field of teaching and research. It was from this desire, in a pandemic context, that the International Network in Cultural Studies (RIEC) was born, constituting the present work as a first display of different lines of investigation developed by some of its members. It is, therefore, the portrait of a beginning. A beginning of self and hetero-knowledge. It is a very generous beginning, because the texts that make up this book reflect a gesture of sharing between institutions that are at different points in their development and at different points in Cultural Studies.pt_PT
dc.publisherGrácio Editorpt_PT
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/FCT/6817 - DCRRNI ID/UIDB%2F04188%2F2020/PTpt_PT
dc.subjectCultural studiespt_PT
dc.subjectEstudos culturaispt_PT
dc.subjectRede internacional em estudos culturaispt_PT
dc.titleCartographies of cultural studies in Portuguese: perspectives, research and challengespt_PT
dc.title.alternativeCartografias dos estudos culturais em língua portuguesa: perspetivas, investigações e desafiospt_PT
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