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Title: Get out inside: programming toys 2.0 to escape the island
Author: Cunha, Elisabete
Cabrita, Isabel
Fonseca, Lina
Keywords: Escape Island
Toys 2.0
Problem solving
Theory of Semiotic Mediation
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: WTM
Abstract: Escaping from an island is the context used to promote the resolution of geometric problems that involve the programming of toys 2.0 in a collaborative environment. In this article, we characterize the signs produced in this experience considering the Theory of Semiotic Mediation and we analyse its impact on learning from the student's perspective. Thus, artifact signs, pivot signs and mathematical signs were cyclically mobilized and in different directions depending on the nature of the challenge. Of the students surveyed in the final questionnaire, 72.2% preferred this experience to explore geometric content over that explored with dynamic geometry software.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.37626/GA9783959871440.0.11
ISBN: 978-3-95987-143-3
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