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Title: Mobility and communication impairments and reintegration in the community in early walkers post-stroke
Author: Rosa, Marlene
Marques, Alda
Demain, Sara
Metcalf, Cheryl D.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Groningen University Press
Abstract: Patients who start walking early after stroke (early walkers) demonstrate the wish to return to meaningful social and vocational activities [1]. Poor community reintegration is common post-stroke: it is often associated with mobility impairments, such as walking deficits [2, 3] and most researchers have focused on understanding problems associated with reduced walking efficiency, i.e., balance, speed or distance impairments [4-6]. However, other impairments such as communication disorders, which affect 19% of patients [7], create additional barriers to successful socialisation and limit community participation[8]. Despite its importance, the impact of communication disorders on community participation in early walkers after stroke has received little attention. This study therefore aimed to describe mobility difficulties, communication and participation in the community and their relationship to recovery post-stroke.
Peer review: yes
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