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Title: Mathematics Exercise Generator: the language of parameterized exercises
Author: Oliveira, Paula
Carvalho, Paula
Keywords: Computer-based assessment
Question generation
Automated feedback
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: IGI Global
Abstract: Nowadays, the process of teaching and learning is changing from a traditional model in which teachers were the source of information for a model in which teachers appear as advisors who carefully observe students, assist in the selection of information by identifying their learning needs and support students in their autonomous study. In this chapter, the authors describe an approach used in curricular units of first year in Science and Engineer degrees, which results from a connection of three projects born in University of Aveiro: MEGUA, SIACUA and PmatE, and the interconnections of their informatics platforms. Although any scientific area besides mathematics can use this tool, the authors focus in a case study using an example on a specific topic of Calculus courses for first year students on Engineering: Sequences and Series of Functions. The methodology described allows teachers to achieve further goals on learning strategies and students to have enough material to practice.
Peer review: yes
ISBN: 978-17998-1591-4
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