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Title: VOC emissions of smouldering combustion from Mediterranean wildfires in central Portugal
Author: Evtyugina, Margarita
Calvo, Ana Isabel
Nunes, Teresa
Alves, Célia
Fernandes, Ana Patrícia
Tarelho, Luís
Vicente, Ana
Pio, Casimiro
Keywords: Emission factors
Mediterranean forest
Trace gases
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: Emissions of trace gases and C5-C10volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from Mediterranean wildfires occurring in Portugal in summer 2010 were studied. Fire smoke was collected in Tedlar bags and analysed for CO, CO2,total hydrocarbons (THC) and VOCs. The CO, CO2and THC emission factors (EFs) were 206 ± 79, 1377 ± 142 and 8.1 ± 9 g kg-1biomass burned (dry basis), respectively. VOC emissions from Mediterranean wildfires were reported for the first time. Aromatic hydrocarbons were major components of the identified VOC emissions. Among them, benzene and toluene were dominant compounds with EFs averaging 0.747 ± 0.303 and 0.567 ± 0.422 g kg-1biomass burned (dry basis), respectively. Considerable amounts of oxygenated organic volatile compounds (OVOCs) and isoprenoids were detected. 2-Furaldehyde and hexanal were the most abundant measured OVOCs with EFs of 0.337 ± 0.259 and 0.088 ± 0.039 g kg-1biomass burned (dry basis), respectively. The isoprenoid emissions were dominated by isoprene (EF = 0.207 ± 0.195 g kg-1dry biomass burned) and α-pinene (EF = 0.112 ± 0.093 g kg-1dry biomass burned). Emission data obtained in this work are useful for validating and improving emission inventories, as well for carrying out modelling studies to assess the effects of vegetation fires on air pollution and tropospheric chemistry.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2012.10.001
ISSN: 1352-2310
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