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1-Mar-2017Off-site impacts of wildfires on aquatic systems - Biomarker responses of the mosquitofish Gambusia holbrookiNunes, Bruno; Silva, Vera; Campos, Isabel; Pereira, Joana Luísa; Pereira, Patrícia; Keizer, Jan Jacob; Gonçalves, Fernando; Abrantes, NelsonarticlerestrictedAccess
15-Sep-2022Outdoor charcoal grilling: particulate and gas-phase emissions, organic speciation and ecotoxicological assessmentAlves, Célia A.; Evtyugina, Margarita; Vicente, Estela; Vicente, Ana; Gonçalves, Cátia; Neto, Ana Isabel; Nunes, Teresa; Kováts, NoraarticleembargoedAccess
2022Tourism and coastal & maritime cultural heritage: a dual relationFerreira da Silva, Margarida; Vegas Macias, Jordi; Taylor, Steve; Ferguson, Laura; Sousa, Lisa P.; Lamers, Machiel; Flannery, Wesley; Martins, Filomena; Costa, Carlos; Pita, CristinaarticleembargoedAccess
1-Oct-2022Characterisation of non-exhaust emissions from road traffic in LisbonCunha-Lopes, I.; Alves, C. A.; Casotti Rienda, I.; Faria, T.; Lucarelli, F.; Querol, X.; Amato, F.; Almeida, S. M.articleopenAccess
Apr-2022Mutagenicity of PM10-bound PAHs from non-exhaust sourcesVicente, Estela Domingos; Lopes, Isabel; Figueiredo, Daniela; Gonçalves, Cátia; Vicente, Ana; Alves, CéliaarticleembargoedAccess
May-2022Particulate matter-bound organic compounds: levels, mutagenicity, and health risksCaumo, Sofia; Yera, Aleinnys B; Vicente, Ana; Alves, Célia; Roubicek, Deborah A; de Castro Vasconcellos, PérolaarticleembargoedAccess
Feb-2023PM2.5 chemical composition and health risks by inhalation near a chemical complexAlves, Célia; Evtyugina, Margarita; Estela, Estela; Vicente, Ana; Casotti Rienda, Ismael; Sánchez de la Campa, Ana; Tomé, Mário; Duarte, Iola F.articleembargoedAccess
21-Feb-2022Prediction, validation, and uncertainties of a nation‑wide post‑fire soil erosion risk assessment in PortugalParente, J.; Girona-García, A.; Lopes, A. R.; Keizer, J. J.; Vieira, D. C. S.articleopenAccess
15-Mar-2021Sustainable strategy based on induced precipitation for the purification of phycobiliproteinsMartins, Margarida; Soares, Bruna P.; Santos, João H. P. M.; Bharmoria, Pankaj; Torres Acosta, Mario A.; Dias, Ana C. R. V.; Coutinho, João A. P.; Ventura, Sónia P. M.articleembargoedAccess
1-Apr-2022Contribution of coal combustion to black carbon: coupling tracers with the aethalometer modelBlanco-Alegre, C.; Fialho, P.; Calvo, A. I.; Castro, A.; Coz, E.; Oduber, F.; Prévôt, A. S. H.; Močnik, G.; Alves, C.; Giardi, F.; Pazzi, G.; Fraile, R.articleembargoedAccess
Nov-2021Air quality and particulate matter speciation in a beauty salon and surrounding outdoor environment: exploratory studyEvtyugina, Margarita; Vicente, Estela D.; Vicente, Ana M.; Nunes, Teresa; Lucarelli, Franco; Calzolai, Giulia; Nava, Silvia; Blanco-Alegre, Carlos; Calvo, Ana I.; Castro, Amaya; Fraile, Roberto; Oduber, Fernanda; Cerqueira, Mário; Alves, Célia A.articleembargoedAccess
Sep-2020Aplicação da fotodegradação no tratamento de efluentes de aquaculturaSilva, Carla Patrícia; Louros, Vitória; Otero, Marta; Calisto, Vânia; Esteves, Valdemar; Lima, DianacontributionToPeriodicalrestrictedAccess
24-Apr-2021Sustainable and recoverable waste-based magnetic nanocomposites used for the removal of pharmaceuticals from wastewaterRocha, Luciana S.; Sousa, Érika M.L.; Pereira, Diogo; Gil, María V.; Otero-Irurueta, Gonzalo; Hortigüela Gallo, María J.; Otero, Marta; Esteves, Valdemar I.; Calisto, VâniaarticleembargoedAccess
15-Oct-2021Road dust resuspension: a reviewRienda, Ismael Casotti; Alves, Célia A.articleembargoedAccess
15-Aug-2021In vitro toxicity of indoor and outdoor PM10 from residential wood combustionVicente, Estela D.; Figueiredo, Daniela; Gonçalves, Cátia; Lopes, Isabel; Oliveira, Helena; Kováts, Nora; Pinheiro, Teresa; Alves, Célia A.articleembargoedAccess
Apr-2021Impact of ironing on indoor particle levels and compositionVicente, Estela D.; Evtyugina, Margarita; Vicente, Ana M.; Calvo, Ana I.; Oduber, Fernanda; Blanco-Alegre, Carlos; Castro, Amaya; Fraile, Roberto; Nunes, Teresa; Lucarelli, Franco; Calzolai, Giulia; Alves, Célia A.articleembargoedAccess
Aug-2020Impact of vacuum cleaning on indoor air qualityVicente, Estela D.; Vicente, Ana M.; Evtyugina, Margarita; Calvo, Ana I.; Oduber, Fernanda; Blanco Alegre, Carlos; Castro, Amaya; Fraile, Roberto; Nunes, Teresa; Lucarelli, Franco; Calzolai, Giulia; Nava, Silvia; Alves, Célia A.articleembargoedAccess
15-Jul-2021Fingerprinting and emission rates of particulate organic compounds from typical restaurants in PortugalVicente, A. M. P.; Rocha, S.; Duarte, M.; Moreira, R.; Nunes, T.; Alves, C. AarticleembargoedAccess
1-Mar-2020Physical and chemical properties of non-exhaust particles generated from wear between pavements and tyresAlves, C. A.; Vicente, A. M. P.; Calvo, A. I.; Baumgardner, D.; Amato, F.; Querol, X.; Pio, C.; Gustafsson, M.articleembargoedAccess
15-Feb-2020Source apportionment of PM2.5 and PM10 by Ionic and Mass Balance (IMB) in a traffic-influenced urban atmosphere, in PortugalPio, C.; Alves, C.; Nunes, T.; Cerqueira, M.; Lucarelli, F.; Nava, S.; Calzolai, G.; Gianelle, V.; Colombi, C.; Amato, F.; Karanasiou, A.; Querol, X.articleembargoedAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 416