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Title: Smartlighting: a platform for intelligent building management
Author: Moreira, Helder
Correia, Gonçalo
Silva, Manuel
Marques, André
Barraca, João Paulo
Alves, Luis Nero
Fonseca, Pedro
Lourenço, Nuno
Keywords: ​Internet of Things
Complex Event Processing
Wireless Sensor Networks
Building Automation
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: Instituto Superior Técnico
Abstract: This work proposes a solution to endow buildings with efficiency and intelligence, exploiting the advantages of Complex Event Processing techniques and Internet of Things (IoT) principles. This combination allows efficient management of the entire infrastructure, an in particular enabling lighting to be tailored to the users needs. We validate this solution through a prototype implementation, based on wireless sensors and actuator networks that interact with the environment, using standard lightweight protocols designed for IoT. The prototype is based on high performance and real time platforms, and complex methods for analysis of large streams of data. The implementation is applied to a real world scenario, and will be used as the standard solution for management and automation of an existing building.
Peer review: yes
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