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Title: Impact evaluation at the convergence of evidence based policy and monitoring and evaluation: a study in Timor-Leste
Author: Lucas, Margarida
Cabrita, Isabel
Keywords: impact evaluation
evidence based policy
East Timor
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Nova Science Publishers
Abstract: Impact Evaluation is attracting significant attention within several communities with interests at the convergence of evidence based policy and monitoring and evaluation, including assistance agencies, donors, policy makers, stakeholders, researchers and evaluators. When considerable amounts of resources are allocated to development projects and interventions, there is a growing demand for effective evaluations that can demonstrate that such resources are well spent. Evaluating the impacts of interventions in complex settings requires us to look at the contributions they have had on results achieved as well as at the methodological challenges brought about by such complexity. In this respect, the present work reviews literature on impact evaluation and the methods that can be used to conduct it. It also presents an impact evaluation study being conducted in Timor-Leste focused on a development and cooperation program between this country and Portugal, l, which relates with the restructuring of its secondary system.
ISBN: 978-1-63482-466-8
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