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6-Jul-2023Favouring the alliance be-tween Information science and computer science: an investigation in the field of ethnomusicologySacramento, Eveline R.; Duarte, Andreia; Sardo, Susana; Miguel, Ana Flávia; Caixinha, Hélder, J. M.; Cortês, CristinaconferenceObjectopenAccess
2020Book trailers e digital storytelling na arte de persuadir o consumidorSimões, Dora; Costa, RaquelconferenceObjectopenAccess
24-Apr-2023Hypermediation functionalities in digital platforms for collaborative and social interactionOliveira, Eliza R.; Tymoshchuck, Oksana; Sacramento, Eveline R.; Branco, André C.; Carvalho, Daniel; Pedro, Luis; Antunes, Maria; Almeida, Ana; Ramos, FernandoconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
10-Sep-2022Promoting social activities in an online conference during covid times: the case of the EHSEMI conferenceOliveira, Eliza; Almeida, Ana Margarida; Oliveira, Rita; Ribeiro, Nuno; Tymoshchuk, Oksana; Santos, Rita; Sousa, Andreia; Duran, LersiconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2022Cultural heritage and education: what relationship?Louro Felgueiras, M.; Tymoshchuk, O.; Saborano, S.; Breia, I.; Resende, M.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
28-Sep-2022Parents’ voices: inclusion of students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in higher educationMartins, Isabel Catarina; Tymoshchuk, Oksana; Albuquerque, Eulália; Santos, Paula Coelho; Van Hove, GeertbookPartrestrictedAccess
2022Jogo móvel para uma educação para a sustentabilidade e contextualizadaRodrigues, Rita; Ferreira-Santos, João; Draghi, Julia; Ribeiro, Sofia; Marques, Margarida M.; Pombo, LúciaconferenceObjectopenAccess
11-Jul-2021Prototyping an APP assist game-based activities: co-design using a qualitative approachReis, Maria Helena da SilvaconferenceObjectopenAccess
2021Musical learning for children with cerebral palsy: practices and needsMoreno, Davys; Moreira, António; Tymoshchuk , Oksana; Marques, CarlosconferenceObjectopenAccess
2019O desenvolvimento de uma app para Educação em Ciências envolvendo diferentes intervenientesTavares, Rita; Vieira, Rui Marques; Pedro, LuísconferenceObjectopenAccess
2021The current status of online resources from the Portuguese Health System for childbirth educationLeite, Carla V.; Almeida, Ana MargaridaconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2021Prototyping an app to assist game-based activities: co-design using a qualitative approachReis, Maria H.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2021Designing an application to support game-based learning: gathering functional requirements from a qualitative approachReis, Maria Helena Silva; Almeida, Ana Margarida PiscobookPartopenAccess
2020Teachers and peer teacher students’ perceptions on ICT tools usage in peer learning projects: findings from a multiple case studyCarvalho, Ana Raquel; Santos, CarlosconferenceObjectopenAccess
2020The impact of a digitally enhanced peer learning program on peer teacher students’ academic performance: a study developed under Educational Design ResearchCarvalho, Ana Raquel; Santos, CarlosconferenceObjectopenAccess
Nov-2020Jornalismo móvel e novas formas de produzir conteúdo jornalísticoRodrigues, Luis Pedro; Baldi, Vania; Gala, AdelinoconferenceObjectopenAccess
24-Jan-2020e-Health for childbirth literacy in Portugal: an analysis of resources from SNSLeite, Carla V.; Almeida, Ana MargaridaconferenceObjectopenAccess
2020Dietitians and nutritionists behaviour on Social Media: a scoping literature reviewSaboia, Inga; Almeida, Ana Margarida Pisco; Sousa, Pedro; Pernencar, CláudiaconferenceObjectopenAccess
2019Estratégias de gamificação: quando “perder peso” é ganharSaboia, Inga Freire; Almeida, Ana Margarida; Veloso, Ana Isabel; Sousa, Pedro; Pernencar, CláudiaconferenceObjectopenAccess
13-Sep-2018Online opinion leaders and weight loss: a literature review based modelSaboia, Inga; Almeida, Ana M.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 108