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Title: Complex function with GeoGebra
Author: Breda, Ana Maria d’Azevedo
Santos, José Manuel dos Santos dos
Keywords: Complex Functions
Domain Colouring
Issue Date: 11-May-2016
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Abstract: Complex functions, generally feature some interesting peculiarities, seen as extensions real functions, complementing the study of real analysis. However, the visualization of some complex functions properties requires the simultaneous visualization of two-dimensional spaces. The multiple Windows of GeoGebra, combined with its ability of algebraic computation with complex numbers, allow the study of the functions defined from to through traditional techniques and by the use of Domain Colouring. Here, we will show how we can use GeoGebra for the study of complex functions, using several representations and creating tools which complement the tools already provided by the software. Our proposals designed for students of the first year of engineering and science courses can and should be used as an educational tool in collaborative learning environments. The main advantage in its use in individual terms is the promotion of the deductive reasoning (conjecture / proof). In performed the literature review few references were found involving this educational topic and by the use of a single software.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1093/teamat/hrw010
ISSN: 1471-6976
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