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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Sep-2023Editorial: special issue from the 3rd International Workshop on Dynamic Logic: New Trends and Applications (DaLí 2020)Martins, Manuel A.; Sedlár, IgorarticlerestrictedAccess
May-2021Special issue “International Symposium on Molecular Logic and Computational Synthetic Biology: MLCSB18”Veloz, Tomas; Chaves, Madalena; Martins, Manuel A.articlerestrictedAccess
13-Jun-2023The number of prime parking functionsDuarte, Rui; Guedes de Oliveira, AntónioarticleopenAccess
15-Aug-2023Pseudo-Hurwitz maps on alternating and symmetric groupsD’Azevedo, Antonio Breda; Catalano, Domenico A.; Conder, Marston D.E.articlerestrictedAccess
13-Jan-2023Classification of thin regular map representations of hypermapsD’Azevedo, Antonio Breda; Catalano, Domenico A.articleopenAccess
2023A simplified proof of Serre’s conjectureDieulefait, Luis Victor; Pacetti, Ariel MartínarticleopenAccess
2023ℚ-curves, Hecke characters and some Diophantine equations IIPacetti, Ariel; Torcomian, Lucas VillagraarticleopenAccess
2023On the equation x2 + dy6 = zp for square-free 1 ≤ d ≤ 20Madriaga, Franco Golfieri; Pacetti, Ariel; Torcomian, Lucas VillagraarticlerestrictedAccess
Aug-2023Aggregation-based operations for reversal fuzzy switch graphsCampos, Suene; Santiago, Regivan; Martins, Manuel A.; Daniel FigueiredoarticlerestrictedAccess
9-Mar-2023Performance of Aptima-HPV in the cervical cancer screening program of Portugal: a cost-analysisFigueiredo, Daniel; Ribeiro, Inês; Penedones, Ana; Mendes, Diogo; Alves, Carlos; Batel-Marques, Francisco; Silva, Daniel Pereira daarticleopenAccess
15-Mar-2023Relation-changing models meet paraconsistencyCosta, Diana; Figueiredo, Daniel; Martins, Manuel A.articleopenAccess
2023Quantitative Hennessy-Milner theorems via notions of densityForster, Jonas; Goncharov, Sergey; Hofmann, Dirk; Nora, Pedro; Schröder, Lutz; Wild, PaularticleopenAccess
23-Mar-2023Paraconsistent transition systemsCruz, Ana; Madeira, Alexandre; Barbosa, Luís S.articleopenAccess
2023Weighted synchronous automataGomes, Leandro; Madeira, Alexandre; Barbosa, Luis SoaresarticleembargoedAccess
Mar-2023Duality theory for enriched Priestley spacesHofmann, Dirk; Nora, PedroarticleembargoedAccess
Jan-2022Cartan connections for stochastic developments on sub-Riemannian manifoldsBeschastnyi, Ivan; Habermann, Karen; Medvedev, AlexandrarticleopenAccess
Jan-2022Jacobi fields in optimal control: Morse and Maslov indicesAgrachev, Andrei; Beschastnyi, IvanarticleopenAccess
6-Aug-2021Quantum confinement for the curvature Laplacian $-Δ+cK$ on 2D-almost-Riemannian manifoldsBeschastnyi, Ivan; Boscain, Ugo; Pozzoli, EugenioarticleopenAccess
2022Predictive maintenance on sensorized stamping presses by time series segmentation, anomaly detection, and classification algorithmsCoelho, Daniel; Costa, Diogo; Rocha, Eugénio M.; Almeida, Duarte; Santos, José P.articleopenAccess
24-Nov-2022Galois representations of superelliptic curvesPacetti, Ariel; Villanueva, AngelarticlerestrictedAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 124