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Title: The disappearing of palheiros in Aveiro lagoon
Author: Cachim, P. B.
Keywords: Timber construction
Vernacular construction
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: WIT Press
Abstract: Palheiros are traditional timber constructions existing in the littoral centre region of Portugal. This is particularly the case of the Aveiro lagoon region where for many years many such constructions have existed. They were originally built to store working tools related with lagoon activity (fishing and sea salt extraction) and to give shelter for the fishermen during the fishing season. These constructions were built with superimposed veneers in vertical or horizontal directions. Since they are mostly located near the sea, they have started to be used as holiday houses and are often painted in vivid colours. Most of these buildings are being replaced by concrete constructions, since their preservation state is rather unsatisfactory or simply because there is a need to increase their size. Additionally, little knowledge about the possibilities of maintenance and building in timber structures exists. In some cases, although the structures were changed from timber to concrete, the exterior appearance of the palheiros remains the same, which might be interesting from the pictorial point of view but it isn’t certainly from a heritage preservation perspective. However in many other situations, they are being substituted by “modern” constructions that were not valuable in any of the previous viewpoints. Fortunately, there are also cases where palheiros have been preserved and remain in good condition. For how long these examples will remain is certainly the major question that must be answered since these are only on the dependence of owner’s will and not based on local authorities concern. A consciousness of local authorities and citizens is mandatory in order to preserve this heritage because it is perfectly possible to preserve the traditional constructions offering all the comfort of modern houses. Keywords: timber construction, vernacular construction, preservation.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1743-3509
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