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dc.contributor.authorPrats, Sergio Alegrept
dc.contributor.authorMartins, Martinho António dos Santospt
dc.contributor.authorMalvar, Maruxa Cortizopt
dc.contributor.authorBen-Hur, Menipt
dc.contributor.authorKeizer, Jan Jacobpt
dc.description.abstractFor several years now, forest fires have been known to increase overland flow and soil erosion. However, mitigation of these effects has been little studied, especially outside the USA. This study aimed to quantify the effectiveness of two so-called emergency treatments to reduce post-fire runoff and soil losses at the microplot scale in a eucalyptus plantation in north-central Portugal. The treatments involved the application of chopped eucalyptus bark mulch at a rate of 10–12 Mg ha−1 , and surface application of a dry, granular, anionic polyacrylamide (PAM) at a rate of 50 kg ha−1 . During the first year after a wildfire in 2010, 1419 mm of rainfall produced, on average, 785 mm of overland flow in the untreated plots and 8.4 Mg ha−1 of soil losses. Mulching reduced these two figures significantly, by an average 52 and 93%, respectively. In contrast, the PAM-treated plots did not differ from the control plots, despite slightly lower runoff but higher soil erosion figures. When compared to the control plots, mean key factors for runoff and soil erosion were different in the case of the mulched but not the PAM plots. Notably, the plots on the lower half of the slope registered bigger runoff and erosion figures than those on the upper half of the slope. This could be explained by differences in fire intensity and, ultimately, in pre- fire standing
dc.relationFCT - SFRH/BD/33392/2008pt
dc.relationFCT - SFRH/BD/ 41320/2007pt
dc.relationFIRECNUTS project - PTDC/AGRCFL/104559/2008pt
dc.subjectSoil erosionpt
dc.subjectEmergency treatmentspt
dc.titlePolyacrylamide application versus forest residue mulching for reducing post-fire runoff and soil erosionpt
degois.publication.titleScience of the Total Environmentpt
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