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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2023An overview of luminescent primary thermometersMartins, Joana C.; Brites, Carlos D. S.; Neto, Albano N. Carneiro; Ferreira, Rute A. S.; Carlos, Luís D.articlerestrictedAccess
2023Chapter 2 Reinterpreting the Judd–Ofelt parameters based on recent theoretical advancesCosta, Israel F.; Blois, Lucca; Neto, Albano N. Carneiro; Teotonio, Ercules E. S.; Brito, Hermi F.; Carlos, Luís D.; Felinto, Maria Claudia F. C.; Moura Jr., Renaldo T.; Longo, Ricardo L.; Faustino, Wagner M.; Malta, Oscar L.bookPartrestrictedAccess
Jun-2022Customized luminescent multiplexed quick‐response codes as reliable temperature mobile optical sensors for eHealth and Internet of ThingsRamalho, João F. C. B.; Dias, Lília M. S.; Fu, Lianshe; Botas, Alexandre M. P.; Carlos, Luís D.; Neto, Albano N. Carneiro; André, Paulo S.; Ferreira, Rute A. S.articleopenAccess
May-2023Designing all-photonic molecular analogs for electrical components: a reprogrammable luminescent filter based on Ln3+ ionsHernández-Rodríguez, Miguel A.; Zanella, Sofia; Fu, Lianshe; Neto, Albano N. Carneiro; Carlos, Luís D.; Brites, Carlos D. S.articleopenAccess
17-Oct-2022Dynamics of the energy transfer process in Eu(III) complexes containing polydentate ligands based on pyridine, quinoline, and Isoquinoline as chromophoric antennaeNeto, Albano N. Carneiro; Moura Jr., Renaldo T.; Carlos, Luís D.; Malta, Oscar L.; Sanadar, Martina; Melchior, Andrea; Kraka, Elfi; Ruggieri, Silvia; Bettinelli, Marco; Piccinelli, FabioarticleopenAccess
Mar-2022A hybrid materials approach for fabricating efficient WLEDs based on di-ureasils doped with carbon dots and a europium complexFang, Ming; Neto, Albano N. Carneiro; Fu, Lianshe; Ferreira, Rute A. S.; Bermudez, Verónica de Zea; Carlos, L. D.articlerestrictedAccess
21-Sep-2023Hybrid multifunctionalized mesostructured stellate silica nanoparticles loaded with β-diketonate Tb3+/Eu3+ complexes as efficient ratiometric emissive thermometers working in waterPelluau, Tristan; Sene, Saad; Ali, Lamiaa M. A.; Félix, Gautier; Manhes, Faustine; Neto, Albano N. Carneiro; Carlos, Luís D.; Albela, Belén; Bonneviot, Laurent; Oliviero, Erwan; Gary-Bobo, Magali; Guari, Yannick; Larionova, JouliaarticleopenAccess
2-Sep-2022Magneto-induced hyperthermia and temperature detection in single iron oxide core-silica/Tb3+/Eu3+(Acac) shell nano-objectsNigoghossian, Karina; Bouvet, Basile; Félix, Gautier; Sene, Saad; Costa, Luca; Milhet, Pierre-Emmanuel; Neto, Albano N. Carneiro; Carlos, Luís D.; Oliviero, Erwan; Guari, Yannick; Larionova, JouliaarticleopenAccess
14-May-2023Resonance/off-resonance excitations: implications on the thermal evolution of Eu3+ photoluminescenceDe, Arnab; Hernández-Rodríguez, Miguel A.; Neto, Albano N. Carneiro; Dwij, Vivek; Sathe, Vasant; Carlos, Luís D.; Ranjan, RajeevarticlerestrictedAccess