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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
18-Sep-2019AAD: breaking the primal barrierGoloubentsev, Dmitri; Lakshtanov, EvgenyarticleopenAccess
13-Oct-2022Adjoint differentiation for generic matrix functionsGoloubentsev, Andrei; Goloubentsev, Dmitri; Lakshtanov, EvgenyarticleembargoedAccess
14-Jul-2020Automatic adjoint differentiation for gradient descent and model calibrationGoloubentsev, Dmitri; Lakshtanov, EvgenyarticleopenAccess
14-Dec-2021Automatic implicit function theoremGoloubentsev, Dmitri; Lakshtanov, Evgeny; Piterbarg, Vladimir V.articlerestrictedAccess
1-Jan-2019Boris Rufimovich VainbergLakshtanov, Evgeny; Egorov, Yu. V.; A. I. Komech; Kuchment, P. A.; Maz'ya, V. G.; Molchanov, S. A.; Novikov, R. G.; Freidlin, M. I.articleopenAccess
26-Apr-2019Designing lasing and perfectly absorbing potentialsLakshtanov, Evgeny; Vainberg, Boris; Konotop, VladimirarticleopenAccess
Nov-2016Difference factorizations and monotonicity in inverse medium scattering for contrasts with fixed sign on the boundaryLechleiter, Armin; Lakshtanov, EvgenyarticleopenAccess
2-Mar-2020Global solution of the initial value problem for the focusing Davey-Stewartson II systemLakshtanov, Evgeny; Vainberg, BorisarticleopenAccess
2020A new approach to parallel computing using automatic differentiation: getting top performance on modern multicore systemsGoloubentsev, Dmitri; Lakshtanov, EvgenyarticleopenAccess
1-Mar-2023A novel approach to denoising correlation matrices with applications to global portfolio management with a large number of assetsLakshtanov, Evgeny; Molyboga, MaratarticlerestrictedAccess
Dec-2016On reconstruction of complex-valued once differentiable conductivitiesLakshtanov, Evgeny; Vainberg, BorisarticleopenAccess
Sep-2017Recovery of interior eigenvalues from reduced near field dataLakshtanov, Evgeny; Vainberg, BorisarticlerestrictedAccess
1-Oct-2017Recovery of L p-potential in the planeLakshtanov, Evgeny; Vainberg, BorisarticleopenAccess
Jan-2017A test for the existence of exceptional points in the Faddeev scattering problemLakshtanov, Evgeny; Vainberg, BorisarticleopenAccess
5-Jun-2017Uniqueness in potential scattering with reduced dataLakshtanov, Evgeny; Vainberg, BorisarticleembargoedAccess
26-Sep-2017Uniqueness in the Inverse Conductivity Problem for Complex-Valued Lipschitz Conductivities in the PlaneLakshtanov, Evgeny; Vainberg, Boris; Tejero, JorgearticleopenAccess
Apr-2014Weyl Type Bound on Positive Interior Transmission EigenvaluesLakshtanov, Evgeny; Vainberg, BorisarticleopenAccess