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Title: A test for the existence of exceptional points in the Faddeev scattering problem
Author: Lakshtanov, Evgeny
Vainberg, Boris
Keywords: Exceptional point
Faddeev Green’s function
Conductive potential
Issue Date: Jan-2017
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: Exceptional points are values of the spectral parameter for which the homogeneous Faddeev scattering problem has a nontrivial solution. We formulate a criterion for existence of exceptional points that belong to a given path. For this, we use measurements at the endpoints of the path. We also study the existence or absence of exceptional points for small perturbations of conductive potentials of arbitrary shape and show that problems with absorbing potentials do not have exceptional points in a neighborhood of the origin.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1134/S0040
ISSN: 1573-9333
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