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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
15-Oct-2019Cast iron corrosion protection with chemically modified Mg Al layered double hydroxides synthesized using a novel approachVieira, D.E.L.; Sokol, D.; Smalenskaite, A.; Kareiva, A.; Ferreira, M.G.S.; Vieira, J. M.; Salak, A. N.articleopenAccess
1-Jul-2017A comparative study of co-precipitation and sol-gel synthetic approaches to fabricate cerium-substituted Mg Al layered double hydroxides with luminescence propertiesSmalenskaite, A.; Vieira, D.E.L.; Salak, A.N.; Ferreira, M. G. S.; Katelnikovas, A.; Kareiva, A.articleopenAccess
2-Sep-2017Metastable perovskite Bi1-xLaxFe0.5Sc0.5O3 phases in the range of the compositional crossoverSalak, A. N.; Khalyavin, D. D.; Zamaraite, I.; Stanulis, A.; Kareiva, A.; Shilin, A. D.; Rubanik, V. V.; Radyush, Yu. V.; Pushkarev, A. V.; Olekhnovich, N. M.; Starykevich, M.; Grigalaitis, R.; Ivanov, M.; Banys, J.articleopenAccess
1-May-2017Multiferroic Bi 0.65 La 0.35 Fe 0.5 Sc 0.5 O 3 perovskite: magnetic and thermodynamic propertiesFertman, E.L.; Fedorchenko, A. V.; Khalyavin, D. D.; Salak, A. N.; Baran, A.; Desnenko, V. A.; Kotlyar, O. V.; Čižmár, E.; Feher, A.; Syrkin, E. S.; Vaisburd, A. I.; Olekhnovich, N. M.; Pushkarev, A. V.; Radyush, Yu. V.; Stanulis, A.; Kareiva, A.articleopenAccess
25-Nov-2020Nanoscale ferroelectricity in pseudo-cubic sol-gel derived barium titanate - bismuth ferrite (BaTiO3-BiFeO3) solid solutionsPakalniskis, A.; Niaura, G.; Gluchowski, P.; Karpinsky, D. V.; Alikin, D. O.; Abramov, A. S.; Zhaludkevich, A.; Silibin, M.; Kholkin, A. L.; Skaudzius, R.; Strek, W.; Kareiva, A.; Lukowiak, A.articleopenAccess
Apr-2018Sol-gel derived lanthanide-substituted layered double hydroxides Mg3/Al1-xLnxSmalenskaite, A.; Şen, S.; Salak, A.N.; Ferreira, M. G. S.; Beganskiene, A.; Kareiva, A.articleopenAccess
Jun-2018Sol-gel synthesis and characterization of hybrid inorganic-organic Tb(III)-terephthalate containing layered double hydroxidesSmalenskaite, A.; Salak, A. N.; Ferreira, Mário G. S.; Skaudzius, R.; Kareiva, A.articlerestrictedAccess
Sep-2016Sol-gel synthesis and characterization of non-substituted and europium- substituted layered double hydroxides Mg3/Al1-xEuxSmalenskaite, A.; Sen, S.; N. Salak, A.; G.S. Ferreira, Mário; Skaudzius, R.; Katelnikovas, A.; Kareiva, A.articleopenAccess
1-Nov-2018Unusual magnetic properties of the polar orthorhombic BiFe0.5Sc0.5O3 perovskiteFedorchenko, A.V.; Fertman, E.L.; Salak, A.N.; Desnenko, V.A.; Čižmár, E.; Feher, A.; Vaisburd, A.I.; Olekhnovich, N.M.; Pushkarev, A.V.; Radyush, Yu.V.; Zarkov, A.; Kareiva, A.articlerestrictedAccess