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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
3-Nov-2021Modulation of the cognitive event-related potential P3 by transcranial direct current stimulation: systematic review and meta-analysisMendes, Augusto J.; Pacheco-Barrios, Kevin; Lema, Alberto; Gonçalves, Óscar F.; Fregni, Felipe; Leite, Jorge; Carvalho, SandraarticleembargoedAccess
24-Sep-2023Non-pharmacological treatment-related changes of molecular biomarkers in major depressive disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysisIrwin, Courtney L.; Coelho, Patrícia S.; Kluwe-Schiavon, Bruno; Silva-Fernandes, Anabela; Gonçalves, Óscar F.; Leite, Jorge; Carvalho, SandraarticleopenAccess
24-Jan-2019Polarity specific effects of cross-hemispheric tDCS coupled with approach-avoidance training on chocolate cravingCarvalho, Sandra; Sampaio, Adriana; Mendes, Augusto J.; Lema, Alberto; Vieira, Daniela; Gonçalves, Óscar F.; Leite, JorgearticleopenAccess
14-Jul-2022Speed of Processing (SoP) Training Plus α-tACS in people with mild cognitive impairment: a double blind, parallel, placebo controlled trial study protocolLeite, Jorge; Gonçalves, Óscar F.; Carvalho, SandraarticleopenAccess
18-Mar-2021The effects of direct current stimulation and random noise stimulation on attention networksLema, Alberto; Carvalho, Sandra; Fregni, Felipe; Gonçalves, Óscar F.; Leite, JorgearticleopenAccess
3-Nov-2020Transcranial direct current stimulation as an Add-on treatment to cognitive-behavior therapy in first episode drug-naïve major depression patients: the ESAP study protocolCarvalho, Sandra; Gonçalves, Óscar F.; Brunoni, André R.; Fernandes-Gonçalves, Ana; Fregni, Felipe; Leite, JorgearticleopenAccess
10-Feb-2022Viability study of machine learning-based prediction of COVID-19 pandemic impact in obsessive-compulsive disorder patientsTubío-Fungueiriño, María; Cernadas, Eva; Gonçalves, Óscar F.; Segalas, Cinto; Bertolín, Sara; Mar-Barrutia, Lorea; Real, Eva; Fernández-Delgado, Manuel; Menchón, Jose M.; Carvalho, Sandra; Alonso, Pino; Carracedo, Angel; Fernández-Prieto, MontsearticleopenAccess