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Title: Methodology to identify dispersed occupation on a local scale
Author: Carvalho, J.
Pais, C.
Keywords: Dispersed occupation
Local scale
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: FEUP Edições
Abstract: The study of urban dispersion on a local scale requires the adoption of operational concepts. This research uses the notion of "Base Land Unit" (BLU), which represents a functional and experiential reality. The current paper presents an explanation of this concept and a methodology to distinguish BLU of dispersed occupation from other types of Units (concentrated, unbuilt…). The developed methodology comprises three different methods: - Identification of Building Ensembles by Digital Method; - Calculation of the Disaggregation Index of Continuous Building Ensembles; - Criterion for Identifying BLU of Dispersed Occupation. A detailed description of each phase is presented, as well as the results of its application in the case studies of the Research Project (Évora and Aveiro-Ílhavo).
Peer review: no
ISBN: 978-972-752-125-8
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