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dc.contributor.authorCabrita, Isabelpt
dc.description.abstractOne of the most challenging aspects faced by the formal education system in Portugal is the existence of an increasing community of immigrants from the so-called eastern countries and from the PALOP (countries whit Portuguese as their official language). Very little is known about how different aspects of their culture may interfere with formal education in Portugal. In particular, how a deeper knowledge about their characteristic mathematical know-how, in formal and informal contexts may help teachers to increase the quality and efficiency of our educational system. Therefore, access to education is enabled to anyone, allowing the construction of new mathematical and technological competencies. Thus, an adequate mathematical education may be an instrument to reinforce social cohesion, in preventing discrimination, exclusion, racism and xenophobia, promoting, consequently, tolerance and respect for the human rights. In this context, the project we intent to develop follows the main objectives: (i) to identify mathematical aspects, formal and informal, involved in the culture of those immigrant citizens in Portugal; (ii) to construct didactic materials, preferably multimedia supported, so that the more striking mathematical aspects are more clearly identified; (iii) to value the impact of the exploration of such materials in mathematical teacher
dc.titleMathematics and technologies: bridging diverse languagespt
ua.event.date20-25 setembro, 2002pt
degois.publication.titleProceedings of the International Conference "The Humanistic Renaissance in Mathematics Education"pt
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