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Title: Revisiting the similar process to engineer the contemporary systems
Author: Ramos, Ana Luisa
Ferreira, Jose Vasconcelos
Barcelo, Jaume
Keywords: SIMILAR process
systems engineering
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Abstract: This paper addresses the present-day context of Systems Engineering, revisiting and setting up an updated framework for the SIMILAR process in order to use it to engineer the contemporary systems. The contemporary world is crowded of large interdisciplinary complex systems made of other systems, personnel, hardware, software, information, processes, and facilities. An integrated holistic approach is crucial to develop these systems and take proper account of their multifaceted nature and numerous interrelationships. As the system's complexity and extent grow, the number of parties involved (stakeholders and shareholders) usually also raises, bringing to the interaction a considerable amount of points of view, skills, responsibilities, and interests. The Systems Engineering approach aims to tackle the complex and interdisciplinary whole of those socio-technical systems, providing the means to enable their successful realization. Its exploitation in our modern world is assuming an increasing relevance noticeable by emergent standards, academic papers, international conferences, and post-graduate programmes in the field. This work aims to provide "the picture" of modern Systems Engineering, and to update the context of the SIMILAR process model in order to use this renewed framework to engineer the challenging contemporary systems. The emerging trends in the field are also pointed-out with particular reference to the Model-Based Systems Engineering approach.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1007/s11518-010-5144-8
ISSN: 1004-3756
Publisher Version: 10.1007/s11518-010-5144-8
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