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Title: A geometrical non-linear model for cable systems analysis
Author: Varum, H.
Cardoso, R. J. S.
Keywords: Cables
Non-linear FEA
Green strain
Catenary shape
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: CIMNE
Abstract: Cable structures are commonly studied with simplified analytical equations. The evaluation of the accuracy of these equations, in terms of equilibrium geometry configuration and stress distribution was performed for standard cables examples. A three-dimensional finite element analysis (hereafter FEA) procedure based on geometry-dependent stiffness coefficients was developed. The FEA follows a classical procedure in finite element programs, which uses an iterative algorithm, in terms of displacements. The theory is based on a total Lagrange formulation using Green-Lagrange strain. Pure Newton-Raphson procedure was employed to solve the non-linear equations. The results show that the rigid character of the catenary’s analytical equation, introduce errors when compared with the FEA.
Peer review: yes
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