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Title: Research of the optical communications groups at University of Aveiro and Institute of Telecommunications - Aveiro Pole
Author: da Rocha, J.F.
Tavares, P.
Frazão, O.
Monteiro, P.
Andre, P.S.
Teixeira, A.
Lima, M.
Pinto, A.N.
Gameiro, A.
Ribeiro, R.
Ribeiro, L.
Cunha, A.
Pinto, J.L.
Ferreira, M.R.
Pousa, M.
Keywords: Clock Recovery
Optical receivers
Timing Jitter
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: SPIE
Abstract: This paper summarizes the research activities of the optical communications group at University of Aveiro and Institute of Telecommunications – Aveiro pole. Several activities like clock recovery systems, both electrical and all optical, electrical equalizers for very high bit rate DST systems, post-detection filters for multigigabit optical receivers, soliton systems, simulation work on WDM, DST, EDFA and short pulse generation for high bit rate systems are presented.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1996-756X
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